A rosy

Winter evening, passing through the city of Riverside, inadvertently found floating in a clear water and bright red petals that come from?Along with litter flowers in water, and then the wind drift, or that the world is torn laity lost in water?Alone floating on the water, floating about with the water away, a bit flirtatious and give birth to a dash of pity, gratuitous sigh in my heart, this piece of gains across the board, just as I myself wandering.    This rosy row gently down the river, quiet and indifferent, only these residues beauty is truly in the moment, regardless of where the front drifting or floating nowhere.Sheng Yan did expect, that this is how the graceful and passionate, giving colorful world Spring, a brief moment, leaving the quarter gorgeous, what should be how a blooming hurry, let litter has become so bright calm?    People can not be good, flowers last forever, people always like to use flowers metaphor of life.He said the wedding day a dream, that once the season with a garland woven how much fragrance exudes youth, may eventually fade to fleeting was 11, and looking back, even sad to find that catch inch light, unable to retain a ray.Those in the past, about dreams, about love, like most of this silent gains across the board, no matter how dazzling once, long life is nothing but the rain dripping tears into the empty wasted labor.    It so lightly floating, drifting with the waves, at the Do not ask Do not ask to turn to, even once neat feminine, charming springtime the earth, could not escape the ravages of wind and rain relentless, so all may pay with a lake Qing Bi.Late at night lights disability, Who I put a green light, leaning out of windows only hope that a rush blooming?Cold Star sparse, Who ego a rest lights, light open Chaifei waiting for that elusive return date?    Mournfully falling from the trees, hidden dark fantasy, do not want to be scattered into the mud grind to dust, just want to use it the only touch of Canhong, asking people a little pity flowers, Lift a glass of dust, for me or the lake wilderness, base a little fragrant mound, so I quietly Zuoshou faint crow dawn, when the melodious flute in the evening breeze, it was the first song I sing wash Magnificence, waiting for you to listening, waiting for you to light and.    At the turn of the years, Qiu Yi faded, covered with frost.I stood in the career of cloud water, waiting for the flowers that I pity people.Overlooking seeking not seen you ah!Could there, the Red too busy, you had exposure to forget me in hundred pro Benny, could you just lost me open passing between the rush, I watch the Sheng Yan then never bother to glance?Could there, I just withered after you left with residue youth youth embellished flap also become a burden?I just look at that one for you, Till death, wax torch ashes, I have the best time of life is presented to you, I have drunk Qianjie no longer the cycle, the pale that this drizzly Red copies brief but eternal Chilian.    If pity me, is not on your side can make me stays for a moment, if pity me, can I get my heart broken later?If you can, I’ll promise you forever.You veiled in the hands of the Buddha Yuping, the moment the dust settles, gently shake, that the grind to make love Sansei memory of ripples, bumps and downs I am willing for you in your past life Love me, perhaps only for Thanksgiving encounter this life with you.I can not because of your deep thoughts that complacent, just want this life in exchange for one season flowers aromatic my past life you also hard to wait.    Across from both sides, we see gains across the board nowhere to escape loneliness, I can not go back past already, but I do not know the road drifting itself, only drifting with the waves.Since then drift away, this went on, it was accidentally Tasui aroma, could no longer your edification plumage, bloom next spring is the time when the colorful, surely you have forgotten my old Yan, and I you will also be hidden in the petals between the veins do not wipe, after all, you are my dye to make the Red, cleared the sad thoughts of.    Red original dream, falling between the faint, nothing more than a hangover, then woke up, the dream has been covered with dust.That year, that month, that time, I do not know when it has disappeared, that love, that love, that Acacia, Red terraced rice paddies have been mildly Millennium.    Jiao Hong original charm, now dead body of residual footer, actually is so common, so uninteresting.And strike and strike, then the United States of blooming, faded in the final Homecoming, since everything is a set number, as I Buddha school, looking for a party under the bodhi tree bluestone Nianhua smile, the clear understanding among thousands of Red Heart.    So read the lightly journeyman heart clean, colorful way that can no longer put off the Red, let me see how far this pool of clear water to send me to send me where I did not sink me, bury me in the lake, but also how to be this world I’ve been to, I have the most beautiful moments shine through.Really, I have no regrets.