Another Spring magnolia bloom

Recently my eyes out of the question, always the wrong person, and as the older of me almost more than me, younger than me as older than me.Wild guess someone’s age is not a fun game, I often had to be called brother brother, sister sometimes called sister again, the result is always an advantage person, when one day know the real age, friends at the side proud grin, I always blush.Later, I will not just call someone, for fear of confusing the age wrong road, and ask someone’s age just inconvenient, embarrassing everyone.Later familiar with, I always rejected the previous judge, for example, I thought it high teacher was a big sister, little later learned several years older than me.No wonder ah, high-heeled northerner like me, is a very forthright personality easygoing easy-going personality, do not like to dress up and never whitewash, always haircut.And her masculine name, as never a black or gray clothes wrapped in a simple, thin skeleton accompanied by a pony tail, not modified facial features and skin overall impression that the accumulation of years of vicissitudes.Today, when she spoke little I was three, she seemed embarrassed than I am, I once again peeping other people’s privacy like some little uneasy.Fortunately, I have a few high-heeled and from work, and are two decades of wandering in a foreign land with a city, though only one year of acquaintance, there is the same friendship as an old friend.    Unlike previous years, this year’s weather, I live in a small town Lingnan always shrouded in rain wet environment, a friend asked me, “the South is not no winter it?”But I’m Down, heavily, like a lot of winter wear in the body.Even wet winter day in the South also had a moldy, in fact, already in the first month of early spring, the rainy season has lasted almost two months, no wonder my mood has been in the doldrums.Chinese New Year holiday is not over, my laziness has increased layer, not get more than nine is ten o’clock daily, the benefits do not work without any pressure regardless of what.For some reason canceled plans to travel, spend most of their time buried in books, and in too deep, and the characters in the story with ups and downs, and even shed a few tears silent night.Reading people crazy stupid, can not distinguish between reality and fantasy, author of God is brought into the magic pen scene of the story, a cry for a laugh.    Spring Festival did not like my friends where to travel, lively place too noisy I do not love to go, just go where few nearby, only plum impressed.In addition to several flower white flowers sparse, although the Western Hills Plum did not see the Hornsey sea I thought, I do not want to Huayu swirling.However, due to the remote location that quiet deliberate without human development, the quiet of the mountains, the valley gurgling clean, tree-shaded village Yanlan gray walls and black tiles under, people roof?A HREF = “HTTP: // sanwenzx.COM / plus / Search.PHP?kwtype = 0 & keyword = +% C1% F4 ‘target = “_ blank’> reluctant thumb metacarpal  shaped stack tread  Tau Σ luminance Suwa Ju  take waste quarrel pharynx sled Zhao cis phosphorus hate<溉私岚橐宦纷呃矗狡律桔晡奘琶肥髁梢黄嘌蛹甘铮ㄒ灰惶跬ㄍ嚼锏难虺π÷夫暄延鼗兀颐且恢弊叩铰返木⊥罚懊姹?A HREF ="HTTP:// sanwenzx.COM /加/搜索.PHP?kwtype = 0&关键字=%B4%F3%"目标= '_空白'>Mountains blocking the path.It is less noisy crowd, so a mountain retreat reminding us of scenes paradise.Walk the dog around the house, from the time around us pass did not call out loudly, farmers raising chickens pecking in the courtyard with the laid-back, ducks, geese, mandarin ducks swimming in the water Nongying beach, a little Kingfisher standing on the rocks a long time and we hope it does not look like panic.Do not like artificial carving too much of a view, in particular, the festival is overcrowded, garbage everywhere too unpleasant.Western Hills Mei Yuanqing new chic, with original flavor and seduction, elegant Chu Chen Hong Mazumdar several flower plum absolutely pleasant to the eye and heart.Down the mountain, it was late, I carefully folded a fragrance for pictures, the line of people reluctant to leave.Next time, whether Plum will be fully open, the mountain foot a flowers?In addition to the wind ears, I did not hear any answer.    Is attached to a few days of rain, did not go out.Thinking about it the day before the park magnolia tree bears two finger-like bud size, and wanted a few days the weather is fine, the sun warm and sunny, that elegant magnolia garden trees purple quote rates and a spring is here!