At this moment

At this time, burning night and day have not faded of noise, fights people upset, trying to want to sleep, but can not find sleep, I can not help but move out of this period of time to boil exhausted, back to every fine second, it has been found to June.The stained Acacia fleeting season, as people and burning season. At this moment think a lot, but think of those years, that is no luxury, no desire, no dream age.Got left pocket hundreds of dollars also go ice-skating rinks, basketball lost the only money hungry lunch one afternoon, holding half a month’s living expenses to buy a favorite dress in the cafeteria to eat for two weeks vegetarian, these days if we find any of the words may also occur mad.At the time yourself how little it did not feel sad, or sad, or tragic.That time will be able to laugh at a joke for a long time, chatting will be able to sleep, happy to be able to boast a few friends for a long time, I met a man’s heart, you can never forget in my heart for many years, I feel the time is always time so beautiful, beautiful thing is always so much vacation time never empty, always gather a few friends, hiking or, shopping or, stir little emotion angry against each other can not always insist on a morning .Now lying in bed holiday passed, there is no amount of emotional pressure in the heart, over and over again people do not tilting it, in the heart of the encounter people, far look like, telling myself not to put my heart. Changing a sentimental youth who, when the time crushed the only throbbing, also bald excitement, nothing can contain the rest of the heart, there is nothing in the years to come will not go away, as is so no longer safe, Although memories of the years when flushing, also left more than some of the memories, they quietly move out, over and over again, but had faded deep love, it’s like the body dissipated cancer, in hindsight has been so indifferent. The mood grew weaker and weaker, more and more melancholy, more and more older, more and more distant future, along the way, watched the scenery, the people encountered, carefully back again, remember, forget, impressive, good, bad, and gradually lost in the river of time, only to finally own. Finishing with empty hearts and found nothing inside, have been taken away time, it was just, well, you stay a calm mind, and perhaps also to illuminate the way ahead.