Autumn sadness

Autumn sadness North Various Artists, sunset old, westerly getting tight.    Cold day came, and autumn came.Autumn comes, the leaves fall on.Yela, the wind is up, blew dust storms.Subsequently, I have come to Grief.    1 I saw the home, saw the home yard tree perennial trees, leaves those who have flourished two seasons, shivering in the wind.I feel he is in a piece of fallen leaves, the wind was blowing all alone, far from home.    I saw the house roof chimneys smoke, swaying in the wind, waving to the wanderer Call from afar.I saw the cliff home, grazing sheep and clouds in the sky run together in the wind.    I saw a mother getting old, we would not be cold in the winter, she picked up a steadily being blown off the dry twigs in autumn, as if picked up the needy sorrow of life, then, the warm delivered to us.The higher the number the more Chaiduo, the mother has become increasingly thin, rough hands were westerly winds ripped a huge hole, like those old dead tree branches rough skin, like, shocking.In those days of struggling raw cold, the mother in the kitchen pit lit red dark flame, who became the shoulders at night the only thing we can rely only thing you can hold a warm hand.    I saw the white hair getting old father, in order to maintain a livelihood, in the roar of the wind Phi cream hoe, facing the loess backs will be a world of sweat sprinkled on this piece of land.Day is getting better, his father’s back is getting camel, until one day, could not afford to carry a heavy home.The elderly face is covered with life crazy wind of less shallow deep ravines, covered with mud taupe.    For wandering in a foreign land to make a living from home, the indifference of those chill wind, like a messenger, sent messages home care.I uprooted, like a fallen leaf on the home front yard trees, although the wind floated away, but left a root, never mind waiting for homes.This is go back, and I found heaven to come back out, I have to come back to the streets of.That tattered fence small courtyard, as well as the yard lonely old man, always waiting for me.I use a cavity blood for them to drive wind warm the house.    2 I saw those difficult past.Autumn wind blew the dust, but gradually I bare a heavy footprints along the way.I filled the wind, the footsteps of my life back.In those days struggling, how I strong enough against the wind, stepped on life in the desert, to the oasis of happiness.    I saw my lonely figure, traveled alone in this Red earthly.In order to discuss a bowl of life, I put down the arrogant self-esteem, body bent noble, prostrate at the foot of life, like a beggar dirty, dirty hand out, begging to fate.Such is life, society clients, we are prostitutes, even a forced smile, even servile, but also strong and alive, those who endured the ravages, even if painful, but also to pretend happy moan, loading takes real thing.Otherwise, we will not get alms life.    I saw all these years, I was a step by step how to endure over.To fly higher, farther to climb, I was like a turtle, no, no to self and those rabbits with the various advantages of the race, not just to abandon this cruel society.However, even around the clock to run around, I was living very far down, he became a pariah era.Sometimes have to admit, poor only pants legs are running, but the luxury steam Che Gulu.    I saw a young man who dreams and vows, how ashes are blown in the wind, floating without a trace of.In reality, the wind, we already attend to those illusory dreams.Dream is full, the reality is very skinny.This is not a contending the Tang dynasty, unpopular Yan thin ring of fat.Sometimes, we have to lose the burden of life, allow yourself to become as skinny as a society, to cater to this sick society.Plump ideal also excluded exhausted, skinny simple reality, there is no better.Once, years young and frivolous, I shouted “to the economy and the world”, regulating the family to rule the world, to seek happiness for the people, to save the common people.But now it can only “the poor are spared,” nest in low, damp room, to seek life for themselves, beg someone to save me.    However, even if the wind Manjuan me thin body, I have to stand firm.To his gangbusters.I do not do the leaves, even grass, I have to grow, until my life spring comes, will these proud to tame the wind was gentle and pleasant.I want these wind nestled under my feet, my knees mildly Cheng Huan.    At that time, the home of the small courtyard fence will also brick and green tiles, nestled in a pink and leaves in.Side yard ancestors planted trees will also shine a new tree branch right.One morning, I will hold the Laofulaomu silver-haired, sitting under a tree covered with grass, sitting on a stool in the warm sunshine, drink tea and chat.At this time, young children, will run in the wind, the kite sky.    For those who can not see a happy future, I do not sink, even in the chill of autumn in this one, I do not sorrow.Put away the sadness of that, this array of howling westerly, as forward horn, advance toward a better future.I want to give myself a brilliant future, I want to take over his elderly father, to take up the family is not rich, give my parents worked hard half a happy old age.    2014.10.26 QQ: 2713096268