Banana tree

I grew up in a small city south of Zhejiang.That day, go out with friends to travel.It takes seven or eight hours of the car, who’s thinking of early nebulous.Unconscious glance out the window and saw two towering banana trees at the long slope.Car in motion, bumps, banana trees flashed by, did not see the tree has no results?I thought, anyway, but also to the destination, stay a while settled, you can come out to explore what happens ah!      However, he drove dozens of kilometers, just a place to live. Everything behaving properly, almost dusk.For good shoes, a small village along a circle, twilight has hardly ever, they are gone passers?This time the city, which is traffic, people most turbulent time. Think of that two banana trees, they unknowingly walk out of the entrance to the village.Night, this time to pull the curtain, to see the scenery during the day and shivering like being covered up a crape…!Banana trees, there was not even the shadow of vaguely.      Sudden its like, if the lights of the city splendid displaced here?Banana trees, has long been shrouded in the aura, subtle.whether?I do not know yet feel, the demon will be polluted by the world of love?Night mountain always come early, but also some of the cold.Dew in the night fog, I can not wait to moisten a damp.!      Then, too busy looking at other attractions.Banana trees, seems to forget?      The charming scenery again, then fun place, not your homeland, just as no one here you have the love, the end still thinking about their own home that the family lived in thatched cottages thoughts come.      In, pack up, eager to go home. On the train, oh!And passing misses care of the banana tree.Unfortunately, not say, do not tell a car, he said: “Wait, let me get off to see banana trees?”Unfortunately, in the chest and the ups and downs.      To uphill, the driver stopped the car slowly, looking back, to explain, because the slope is too large, consider safety, visitors get off, walk a short, until the car turned the corner and then on the train. Haha!It is day care for me,?Beings go walking hearted, listless.I just like a runaway wild horse, passing them ‘blah’ forward run, roll up dust clouds.! Banana, I’m coming. Sure enough, the tree node is a string of heavy banana!