Benevolent people read

The world is a big stage, everyone is a difficult book to read.Some people in the sunny days are willing to lend you an umbrella, and when it rains, he was holding the umbrella quietly go first.When you read him, do not blame him.Because he would not be caught in the rain, but others umbrella, is not willing to share the difficulties of others, you can say?Or their own standing with an umbrella bar!Some people, when you have a powerful, round and round around you, and you left, or powerless, and he was hiding in the far.When he read, be sure to understand him, because he used to be required for some and praise you, now you do not have the kind of skill, but also no longer necessary for you to sing the praises.To do this you need to calm down, to think about their own past if it was too trusting?    Some people in the face when you talk affectionate, clear language like a flowing river sweet, but beneath the riverbed, but lurking undercurrent, when he read, they must not hate, because whosoever is hypocritical mask to deceive others people, human predecessors also very difficult to live.We should be considerate of his life this way, waiting for his return and introspective human right.Reading others is actually reading their own, Reading truth, goodness and beauty of reading, but also behind the sanctimonious hypocrisy read, read behind the ugly beautiful, read behind the smile of cunning.Reading, the most important thing is to read the kind of person.Read people, to do a real person.So people have to learn to read and benevolent, generous, useful things to read, read only noble, joy, happiness.Each person’s life will encounter a different situation, to see how you faced.People get along, more is needed than an understanding between each other, a trust.Tacit understanding between friendship.Treat others more of a tolerance, you might find this life will be more of a surprise waiting for you.We should all learn to laugh at life, laugh at everything around you will feel around you more than a ray of sunshine, a trace of warmth.    Living life like a breeze, such as passing, very short, why do we care too much, learn to be tolerant, open-minded, peaceful, with a simple mind to face life, be kind to others, treat yourself, happily spend every day.Injecting life every dynamic and exciting, leaving note faith, truth, and every day a warm, willing the truth forever, friendship evergreen!