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Chen Zhihong: the result, is the only standard of execution

For us, as if this sentence is really important.Even more important than doing what the.Because there are too many opportunities in the world.But so many opportunities to do real, real results are really very little.  The result is our pursuit.In order to pursue, we need true for our execution.    The title is what I see in a book, and this book is a friend sent me.His own business doing well, the most important is that he read a lot of books, but also insist on reading.I said, why are you still reading, and send the old book.  He said that one is reading a book in order to grow, the second is to find better ways to grow.    Is this friend, he said that his favorite book is the kind of operational.  I said I was, because then looked able to use, with the effect there, I said, this is my character.  Because we all have a result.    We looked around, like a lot of what people see, we have come to the front.If we are serious to study them, maybe we can get an inspiration from their sexual Gerry.Will think that they had character, but also to the results.  But the more we also see people one by one in order of the results of efforts to implement.    If there is a man, he’s lazy, but things do not make sense.I think, if he is the people around me, then I will guide him to do should be.Led him to learn.Maybe he finally did learn something, then at least not the same horizons.  So, if we are like this.So we’re going to learn, to go out.Like I mentioned above that friend, maybe there will be a better outcome.Has been looking to find, there is always a better result, maybe just around the corner.    So, if someone said, I do not make money network.Our industry is not good to do.  Maybe he just entered the industry, perhaps he is already a veteran of this industry.In this industry for many years.So I think he has to do is go out.Because the world is big, than we imagined big.  Although we did not do a good job, people around us did not do a good job.But there are still many people who are doing well.    What we can do in this world, there are still many opportunities.  Therefore, we must go out, go study.In our industry, there must be more ways.And we have to learn how to get things we are doing our best.Or, is it an opportunity to transition.  There are certainly a lot of opportunities are there.    Last time there was a friend who is doing slippers, later also done quite tired.He is also to learn.Later, he is still making shoes.But not slippers.But to do leather shoes.So, with his resources, within six months on the up.  Six months to earn money, even more than he earned a few years before the money.  And this go, not without performed.More important is really executed, execution is not a level, because the results there.Why should we executed.Process is wonderful, the process is a gift.And there is a beautiful result.    But here I want to say is that a lot of people, in fact, they are the face of it, do not force.But really OK.  In early times, there is a friend company, they sell things on the Web, you can sell a few million a month.But there are individuals who rely on walk relationship.They can sell tens of millions a year.So, in that he was depressed.Of course, not now.  Because now he has grown up.And grows, he himself can do tens of millions a year.    And for this to grow up, in fact, not his performance grew up.Not only of.More importantly, others grow up.So he led his sales growth up.And, he is not much harder than before.  But his execution also become strong.Execution here is not a simple execution, but also a comprehensive idea.  Because he went out, I read a lot of books, with a better way.So it is up.    In our group also has 2 personal.In fact, two of them are doing super good.  One is he is very hard, they can do tens of millions a year.Really tens of millions.Because he was really trying.Of course he was not a person, but in many aspects.He is a man, he also has a lot of employees.  There is also a person, lazy, nor is it lazy, because she was up in the morning 11:00.    But not the same two individuals are doing well.For us to truly bigger, in fact, you can learn a Lower Dir, it should be the next school second.If the two can comprehensive look would be quite good.  Because we ourselves need to work very hard, but many things are there better ways we can work together.  And everyone, we also have to work very hard in.    At that time just graduated when I say, execution is very important, especially employees.Of course, this sentence is a joke, it now appears, recall this sentence, it is a joke.  That there are times, I drink with a boss, he is also the general manager, followed the next day, I asked the general manager, I said, yesterday you were drunk, get up in the morning it.He said, 8:00.I said, I thought you would be 11:00.  He said 11 to get up, it was only the chairman to do.Chairman of the board at that smile.    And also to the back, really into the society, really we see very different.For example, the first luxury goods, they have a really good worth several hundred million.But he can often be seen, 0:00 still to accompany clients to drink.  Also a meeting, but also to chat, so to see them, we really have feelings of.  See worth several hundred million people that drink, drink very drunk, in the office, and then ready to go home.  It closed position, then crumbling, we really can feel the kind of struggle.    Executive power, executive power, this is an eternal theme.Whether it is for anyone, whether for employees or for the boss.Because we are for better results.The result is the only force standards.  So, but also to better results, we need to have to learn, have to find a better way.    Shi Yuzhu said that in their company, only the credit, not the elbow grease.If there is no result at the end of time, you may be able to ask you to drink.But there really is no bonus.And those who have rendered meritorious services.Will be able to drink, there is a bonus.  Of course, at this point, and it was he magnified.For example, who is also the worst performance of the prizes can be brought on stage a performance the worst Award.Although it is in the best performance with a platform on.But this award is not really more than happy to accept the award does not.    So, for us, the result is the only standard execution.  Without results, also said that no executive power.The opposite result, that is the negative of execution.  Even if we do it well, that is the.    So, for us, we are hard at work at the time, we should be looking at the stars.For each of us who venture.Hard at work when, you should look ahead and see where we went to the people around.  A lot of time, we have to catch up.Not the effort on the line, the method is also very important.Such as learning, such as growth.Is reading, that is the smell of books.Many of the road, we have to go their own.A lot of things, we have to try to do.  My name is Chen Zhihong, a whole life to the pursuit of progress and dreams.QQ / micro letter: 838,504,315.