Cili County Winter

These days, drizzle water and Lishui Interchange small town – Cili county, winter mean concentration up Jianjue.  Ginkgo tree leaves, red are listless and down, a thick autumn Supergrass completely withered, Qing-rou river has become a vigorous green.Cili views across the surrounding county is lush mountains, water is green, even after another high-rise buildings in the county, are also approaching the emerald.The city’s zero-Yang Road, Ring Road, Arrowhead Road, runs through Cili county government, World, city technical school, pedestrian street, postal services, to the County Hospital trail, night comes, the lights that light up, by midsummer the autumn or spring, obviously feel light blue and bright lights of the street, it has become a pale yellow, and also make people feel a little darkened.To the middle of the night, few pedestrians and vehicles on the road down, the city quieted better when we come to feel a light of street lamps, the original is exceptionally bright, but also to cut through the county, such as ink night silence.  Away from home a long time, the last two years of winter, I have been at home this sort of Cili county spent.Although I had wandered the whole world, has been in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Kunming, Chengdu, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen attracted winter stop, but was not willing to stop there, the only mother with me to support me, and brought me a long large piece of homeland adult, and finally let me helpless Qingsi.The four seasons of the King home, I have traced his writings endless love.This winter, however, is that not a good feeling.  The landscape around Cili county, winter is not always feel too cold.Wind, not too violent; snow, only to drift once or twice a year; the ice, it is only a thin layer of condensation.  Winter cloudy day, no dust storms, outside the city, because the river around, the air in cloudy, overcast and the air is not negative.Winter sun is warm; winter rain, the next was even more people around the stitch is softly, warm, the quiet home run every inch of land, quiet home run with every person’s heart.  The most arouses the heart of the home or to the number of Cili county of snow, although before and after every Big Chill, you always see snow, but every now and then a feather, enveloped fieldwork, home to the vigorous mountain, green Lou Li river, there is even a long time historical heritage of the county —– arrowhead today is this Cili county, added several new fun, with a few strokes on a new color.  Home, the elderly, middle-aged, adolescent or child Xiaowa, joy will point out the door, next to the mountains, on the coast in the city this drizzle of Li’s flat and wide roads, snow wanton any tour, Dancing with snow.  Winter mentioned, people will think of this snow, snow and even that is representative and symbolic winter, it is not true, like Southland, is not seen snow throughout the year, our entire land of China inland, snow, fly, but the Guangdong Qingyuan, who would southern said it Neverwinter?  Truly reflect the winter on behalf of winter, but the wind.There are four seasons, four seasons have defined, and define the division are derived from wind.Green shoots in spring, cool summer wind tends to carry heat, autumn leaves, blown dry grass; to bring cold winter winds to bring cold.  In my mind, Cili winter wind, most notably reflected in the suburbs of the pine trees that Greenfield bursts, Lie strict, stern and fierce, is heard bleak.Wind, drizzle Li also on the level of the river, blowing waves kept slapping the dam “pops” direct sound, the wind is fresh and biting.This is Cili county winter comes!  However, Cili county’s winter is very unique, although the swirling snow, biting wind, but in this cold winter, the snow is often seen as pure bright eyes, hear the wind is better than an invigorating Shusheng, they read: If winter comes, can spring be far behind.?  Even more interesting is that there are people say that these books sound hope for the future, then I would say: “Voices of Hope Now that sounded more brilliant future is just around the corner!”The night of 09 December 2013 on Cili