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Cotton is the most beautiful flower

“Cotton is the most beautiful flower,” suddenly remembered this sentence, a hot heart.  Although covered with blankets, cotton was actually seen a long time Xu Jiumei.  Tie Ning recommend to others “stupid flower” just want to recommend a feeling.  Mother said, not cotton home for many years, and two years before the mother gave me the quilt is cotton, said Aunt sent.At this point, this fall, becoming cooler, began to built a quilt, love of their loved ones will be poured out of a deep gratitude.  For many years, only in this year’s summer vacation rush to visit my aunt once, in the evening, drove me to the big brother.Aunt obviously old, I watched the show moved me joy.  I wanted to go and see cotton fields, because hasty, too late, I did not say.  When young, always and cotton special intimacy.  Is small, the land has not been subcontracted, in the cotton harvest season, and that the overwhelming blue sky and white flowers, still remember today is spectacular.Great people picking cotton in income, headland will be covered with large pieces of plastic sheeting, cotton kept picking good to heap.Laughter adults, children occasionally help deliver.More often, cotton pile of pile, we never tired to climb Mount Cotton.When many will fall, it gave the other children cotton throw, and they all want to stack each other in cotton.Tired, lying on cotton, the vast blue sky, white clouds, when the mood is so innocent and so joy.  Autumn is a piece of white cotton joy.  I also memorable from cotton seedlings grow to youth, the first fight nutritional bowl, cottonseed into the gray bowl, covered the surface of the soil, cover with plastic film and finally the top, this time they are still in infancy.  Germinate, grow, until they grew up and became a little girl, a film take, such as their strong arms legs a bit, they began to migrate to the cotton fields.  Line spacing and spacing computed, as they grow into a big girl, there will be pressing youth, joy of life will be vibrant.  They became higher, we more happy.Fear of insects, insect spraying will give adults.Sprayer is very heavy, many times when the mother back up, I’ll be helping prop up the following, also particularly like to help adults to Riga water sprayer, is a game like Happy.I have Xiaowei and competition to see who added quickly.This may be the first to help adults work it, which is the starting point of my work life right.  Summer cotton growing gratifying, when the pink and white flowers bloom, they are already a slim.Observant people will cotton farmers hit a fork, just to have more fruit in autumn.  Large tracts of cotton flowers in full bloom, bright let us help wanting a pinch.Because warned the elders, the children are afraid to start, but occasionally pick luxuriantly dark green leaves few slices of play.This beautiful green rice fields, cotton fields and trees in the ditch not far, kept chirping of cicadas, formed a youth summer map.  I like this life flourish on the fields of expression, I prefer the white clouds like cotton autumn Second World Blooming.The first is to demonstrate bloom of youth, the second bloom is warm our cotton.Every touch of soft cotton, will have a deep throbbing.  Cotton bloom, this is the joy of harvest, is the song of labor.Those green bolls to fall into a brown, demure charm to calm the youth, which is a transformation, is the growth of joy.  I heard a friend say that he was going home every year to work in Xinjiang to receive the cotton was suddenly reminded of childhood memories.  Details depths of childhood gradually become clear radish, continue to appear in my memory.  This cotton, spend the warm world, I think, it should be regarded as the world’s most beautiful flowers of it, not just its appearance.