Do not want to lose a bean

Man Po red beans, Acacia came.Late autumn, I was alone walking in the mountains, pass through several quiet lane, inadvertently he has come to a patch of red beans slope you’re looking for.Honglin dip Sky, My confusion is blue sky is red?People reflection in the red, and yet get out of this burst of Red Dust! In which people, in the heart of beans.I put all thoughts, put aside the mind share of love.He picked up his long-awaited this piece of red beans in red along with the watercress into the ear with their own pockets, Guaiyuan their own path in time did not take a bigger bag, hate their own pockets too small!A gust of wind child blowing, leaves rustling, SOYBEAN bouncing landing!SOYBEAN its roots in love, as the wind sent its thinking! SOYBEAN filled Douer, I reluctantly red beans!Forgotten in one, stand still!”That is beautiful red beans, red beans.Red ? “sounds beautiful singing evokes my way home.In the United States which, read in the song!Stomping out to go home with thoughts of the trail, despite the rugged mountain road, when the antecedents of excitement, forget the foot of whether a stone grind! With a red bean in your mouth, taste the faint fragrance!This aroma can only stay in my mouth ends of the earth can not float.If you can, I would rather have been in your mouth, so you try the bean temperature, fragrance taste beans! Red beans send Acacia.Carefully wrapped a fine pouch!Only installed two red beans!And at little cost drifting into your source, you must hurry to open it and see if SOYBEAN still so red, so smooth.Cheng Zhaofeng child mailed a red bean red, blowing your window desktop, gently out of a red bean red!At this point you forget time, forget the face.Straight jump the door, not the back of a hovering in the moonlight!You had stood there blankly, waiting for tomorrow, waiting for a reply. Dead of night, holding SOYBEAN, such as precious beads.I do not want to fall asleep, only to Acacia, unwilling to leave a bean!In your hands!