Faint, to be a woman

Years deep, shallow, and the days of thick, light, and go party landscape, over a lifetime Yi Mei, faint, to be a woman.- Inscription a long time ago, ever wanted to be a man, his military life to wander, always dashing figure, to be a man of indomitable spirit, doing a spectacular career, break their own world.  The passage of time, and not to talk about the past, and now their own, like the quiet good Shaoguang, accustomed to the tranquil life, their stay in a quiet, just want to faint, to be a woman.  Strong years, no longer let the wandering larvae body affects the peace of mind, take the road of destiny offers, guarding a touch of love, who are still shouldering some of the responsibility in life, stay in a faint feeling, cloud water Zen.  If the flower woman, should not always have withered posture, which maintain a hint of temperament between bloom and die, not sad not happy, with a gentle sun, the moon and the cool one.  Wind gradually turn to the warm depths of days more of a laid-back, should not lingering too much in the past, should not tangle too long in the future, fleeting gone, own a successful and an abjection, between gains and losses, learn to go with the flow, I put down.  And not to escape, face life strong winds and rain, and not to men in stature, but to understand a woman’s perseverance, there will be angular and windy, wind, such as electricity, moon.  Not always to try to be brave, and occasionally weakness cut yourself a rest time, is open-minded, good advice, grace, to understand a woman’s gentle, graceful still waters run deep, water, such as willow, such as Japan.  The cycle of day and night, walking in rivers and lakes, in spite of many between the forward and the backward must be willing, after all, the best of both worlds in this life too little light, often on one or two, not to care too much.  People go a lifetime, can not escape a feeling word, especially women, are connected family difficult to give blood, friendship is the common-phase v. Passions wind and rain, love is present and meet the millennium prayer edge.  How many times, lovesick, love cocoon in fetters, hurt themselves, but also ignored the world.Hurt, then, he has grown up to know even want to, have to forget never forget the days.  Even women, who have a long way to go after, to find a willing to accompany their own, but also willing to accompany his men to see the sunrise and sunset, light, and later will come the day quietly.  Not necessarily what a beautiful clothes, not necessarily to how luxury homes and jewelry, do not even need coffee and tea, do not need wine, inch of land, a glass of water, derived products Red clutch, joys and sorrows of the world, well-being since know.  Do not picture how beautiful life in gorgeous vocabulary, the way of life, walked, they all know how much fragmented, and how many beautiful, pain, laughed, I cried, faded.  After so many years, also felt to be a woman, very good, and does not require non-dry out a career, do not need to do a lot of heavy live, but also to avoid some of the entertainment, which is not what many people say.  Faint, to be a woman, to remember good love yourself, take care of themselves, not too much to think that some did, tired, they rest, pain on crying, smile simple life.  Faint, to be a woman, no romantic romantic, as long as the quiet and indifferent hearts, do the grass between a mountain, quietly, to do a Mo flowers, nothing exciting, do one of the Red trees, clear shallow.  Faint, to be a woman in this life, it is so faint gone, faint, to be a woman in this world, so women walked.    Postscript: I wish everyone Happy Valentine’s Day.well.