A foreign land, the lamp

One city, floating strange feeling.Lonely, strikes he has tired heart.Strange city late at night, a lonely soul wandering in neon lights, quietly listening to the songs of loneliness. He was looking for, he was looking for a lamp, he was looking for his lighting the lamp, even if only a weak trace of light.He raised his head, looked down the direction of his home, he was a foothold in a foreign land, a gentle light, there is a quiet waiting, it was his home in a foreign land. He lived with his friends, he knew, every night, the lamp will be lit, quiet and so he pushed open the door.He quickened his pace, only to arrive early as one minute in a foreign land belonging to his family. Opened the door, I put away the dinner table has been prepared for him.He knew, he came home late every day, but no matter how late, every time you came home hungry, will see food reserved for him, and, as he turned on the lights lodge.That feeling of luxury is a foreign land wanderer. He felt he was very happy, every day, the lamp will be turned on, whether or not his exclusive, his heart will have a satisfaction, get rid of a lonely man in a foreign land. The lamp, neon staggered window is compared, no extra color, no flashing alternately, only one light, one kind alone may be off all light.In his heart, the lamp is not just a lamp; beam of light, not just a beam of light, but a language table without feeling. Once, he came to a city, a family living in his eyes that was just a house, not at home, because in that room, he could not find a “home” should have a feeling of.So, now he cherish that feeling. A city person, does not require much sympathetic, but do not need any of hypocrites, just a light, a light turned on in the middle of the night, one in the middle of the night and turned on the lights because the wait. Strange city, a lamp, is happiness.