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Internet companies with big data "kill cooked": 300 yuan becomes 380 hotel rates

This past holiday, presumably a lot of people choose to travel the way for the New Year。 Natural and ultimately be away from home ticketing, hotel reservation, through a variety of Internet ticketing platform to solve these have become most people's choice。
Vast amounts of consumer information while shopping is also recorded, your preferences and habits can be known by someone else inadvertently, these data also provide a "convenient" for some people。 Recently, microblogging users "Liao Liao master chef" Readme being big data "kill cooked" experience。
It is understood that he often set a specific hotel room through a travel service website, for many years the price of 380 yuan to 400 yuan。
A chance, he learned through the front desk, off-season price of 300 yuan up or down。 He used a friend's account after the inquiry found, it really is 300 yuan; but to check with their own accounts, or 380 yuan。
This is a common phenomenon after the above-mentioned micro-blog is issued, instant forwarding broken million, netizens have Tucao their "ripped off" experience。
"My classmates and I hit the car, our route and models almost, I expensive than they fifty-six。
"" After selecting tickets canceled, the re-election ticket, the price immediately rose, and even doubled。
"" My consumption is relatively high, my husband consumption is relatively low, opening unlimited data service, he opened as long as 88 yuan package can be, I have to open 138 yuan package。
"……"This phenomenon is widespread。 "Turning now part of the network companies use behavior 'kill cooked' Big Data, professor of cyberspace security Yixian School of Beijing University of Posts frankly, many companies hard to resist the temptation of price difference。
There is a concept in economics called price discrimination, usually refers to the provider of goods or services at the same level provided to different consumers, during the same quality of goods or services, play a different sales price or fee。
In 2000, Amazon had caused controversy differential pricing。
At that time, an Amazon users complained that after he deleted browser cookies, visited before the commodity price from 26 DVD.24 down to 22 dollars.USD 74。 The news came out, the sound waves of condemnation flock to the Amazon。
Later, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos apologized publicly for this purpose, said differential pricing experiment which just goes to show to different customers, absolutely nothing to do with customer data, all just to test。


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