Ancestor worship

Alas grandmother, abrupt and quit. The so-called Gengnian, ancient times have four. I have six children and one woman. Sun generation prosperity, Ceng Zi already has. Uncle Yubo, through hard work. If we are not good enough, we will add another curtain of sorrow. The heart is worried and the mind is worried, but the disease is not healthy. Know in children, unable to return to heaven. In the meantime, you will never feel sad again and again.. Every calendar prepared cannot bear to vomit. Today’s words are for both ends. Labor first, good and evil are not partial. The so-called toil, child-rearing and housekeeping. Hard life, hard work does not boast. For food and clothing, kneel down and work. Education of children, empty bags. Start a family, start a career, and be all – round. On the ancestors, great moral appeal. Under the child-raising sun, feed blood I Cao. Friends with neighbors are praised by people. Hard work, frugality, no luxury and no hope. The humble room is fragrant and the lights are not bright. We wear old shirts, but we can’t give up without suspicion. The son respects the daughter and filial piety, seals the box and saves the purse.. Later generations worship and accumulate little by little. Grandsons and granddaughters are all ordinary. It is good to teach by example and follow the path of good deeds.. Family biography cultivates and reads, and incense becomes more and more popular. The families of the various schools of thought are not idle in their prosperity.. The grandchildren of the eldest grandson are numerous in Ding Sheng. Alas for my grandmother, my voice is no longer the same! A detailed account of living, full swallow hard. The two sons died early and the heart broke. Fine son died, sad. The eldest son without a trace, tears wet unlined upper garment. The old woman and daughter-in-law have gaps, and the union moves. What people admire is actually difficult. Although the children are numerous, are they quite partial. Palm hand, left and right. Everything you do is weighed over and over again. Life is not at the right time, and learning is not at the right time. Although reading is scarce, morality and morality will prevail. His words and deeds are worthy of heaven. The upper and lower sections are tight inside and wide outside. Alas, grandmother, may you live through the ages! If you ride a crane in the clouds, you will always enjoy the blessings of a fairy..