For such a long time

I haven’t really sat in front of the computer to write something to myself for a long time.. Life is really fast enough. Every time I write this passage, I will feel that I was so irresponsible in treating time.. In 2012, my wife and I have experienced many changes in our life, both at work and in our life.. Parents, parents, parents, parents, and parents traveled all the way on the train tonight. The mood must be extremely indescribable, happy and happy. They came all the way to get married for their son, so my thoughts followed me far away. My wife and I traveled around in early April for decoration. After a scorching summer, I ushered in a fresh autumn and changed jobs. In the early winter season, I will enter the marriage hall with my baby wife in a few days, thus successfully marking the first stage of life..   Years are ruthless, but life is always so full of color. Every time I recall, the story seems to have happened yesterday.. In that romantic season, we walked on the streets, with bright moonlight and soft street lights interlaced in the night, as if the earth was covered with a thin layer of white gauze, and the large glass above the unfinished building was like a peaceful lake hanging on the wall under the oblique glow of moonlight.. At that time, the street was actually a few stalls on the road passing by, with fruit, snacks and the booth in the movie. In fact, the so-called shopping was just going out to walk around the road, and it was not romantic. In fact, it was very calm, very common for two people to have dinner together and go out for a walk together, so it went quickly for half a year.. It was snowing heavily. When we left the company. Although there are not many words, there will inevitably be some frustration in my heart, but there is not much sadness, because no matter where we can finally be together and continue to do what two people like to do happily…. …   A bowl of instant noodles, two pairs of chopsticks and two people on both sides of the bowl, no side dishes, no so-called broth ( noodle with high noodle soup written on it ) are very happy to eat, baby Didi’s face is very cute under the energy-saving light, and every bite will open your eyes to see me, ” hey hey” smile, and the big dimple will always hang on the corners of your mouth.. She is more like a big doll with a long ponytail.. We will all be moved many times in our life, but some of them will always be fleeting, while others will often be unforgettable. I think the years we spent together are stories that will spur and move us in our future life. No one likes telling stories to himself, but I just like to record these trivial matters and never thought that having such a period in life is not a small fortune in life…..   With the help of our parents, we bought our own house. Although the foundation is a bit partial, we are also very happy. We remember the time when we decorated the house.. Half of the sand, in order to save what one hundred dollars remained, Didi filled the bag with sand downstairs, and I carried it upstairs. I didn’t feel much tired at the time, but I didn’t find that all my shoulders were black and blue until later, and I didn’t dare to touch them in the shower – it hurt.! Didi floated me with a towel and blew me gently with tiptoe and pouting..   That winter, the weather was cold and I did not dare to breathe. I worked as a hydraulic fitter in an airport equipment company. I wore overalls all day like I had been painted with hydraulic paint. I was black and oily.. The smell is very unique, mixed with the smell of oil soaked after iron rusts. If the wind blows for half a mile, you can smell that little smell. A small bike moves forward under the package of my whole body’s oil coat, ” creaking, creaking”, and every time I can see Didi standing all the way downstairs in the apartment waiting for me to go home, even if I wear that oil coat, she still holds my arm. We happily go to the supermarket on the way home to buy vegetables, and Didi always pouts before we can change clothes at home: husband hugs, sometimes.. This is our story.   In this familiar early winter season, I will enter into marriage with my Didi in three days and take a new journey in our life. What I want to say is that I really appreciate your company around me, thank you, thank your wife, and love you and the people I love forever.. Author Ma Libin