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A Night’s Poem Heart and Bright Moon

Some people say, ” Everyone has a poetic heart.”. Poetry is the simplest way to express feelings, and it is also the earliest and most primitive form of literature. Not everyone is going to be a poet, but the heart of poetry is what everyone once possessed in the beginning of life, and it is only slowly being hoodwinked and abandoned by life in the process of growing up..     The heart of poetry is emotional and dynamic. Anything that touches your heart frequently in life and makes you passionate, happy and thoughtful can be poetry and can also give you a different feeling..     With poetry in mind, you can fight against setbacks. Can understand the laws and feelings of nature; You can feel the vitality of nature and connect it with your own life, so as to feel the strength of your life..     If you want to capture poetry, express poetry and create a poetic life from a myriad of life spots, you need a sensitive and exquisite heart that can see people without seeing them, and can preserve this special feeling and emotion in a special way..     Some people say that the best way to make a piece of land grow weeds is to plant crops. Similarly, if you want a person’s life not to be overwhelmed by pain, the best way is to seal up many beautiful things in it and feel happy and happy all the time..     ‘ catch red scales all fresh, his wife and children pour urn drunk before the lamp. Life is fun and fun, not envious of princes eating ten thousand dollars. ‘ Ming Dynasty Wang Zan’s poem tells us a seemingly simple but profound truth, life, living is a kind of mood, the same thing, with different mentality to feel, can get completely different cognition and understanding.     Flowers bloom and fade, which was originally the law of nature, but some shed tears for flowers, some turned a blind eye to them, and some felt the alternation of life cycle from them.. ‘ Flowers fly all over the sky’ is a gesture,’ falling into mud and grinding into dust’ is another gesture. It is not necessary to evaluate the middle and low levels. It is the most important thing to make your heart feel comfortable and dripping wet..     After Beethoven’s hearing loss, he did not give up his attachment to music. The world can still see black and white butterflies dancing on the keyboard, but he wrote a bill to participate in the Ode to Joy in despair. He played the strongest sound of life by participating in the Fate Ordinance. What makes him so optimistic about life? Maybe it’s the eternal aesthetic heart of poetry.     The poem heart always lets people use an aesthetic heart to examine the world around them, to discover the beauty of the world and to explore the endless mysteries of the world.. Like Tagore’s poetry, ordinary things, in his works, live color and fragrance, let a person fondle admiringly, full of praise.     In essence, all kinds of beauty in the world are interwoven, natural, artistic and emotional, all of which are beautiful and fragrant flowers. Beautiful things can linger in the heart for three days and can be enjoyed for a long time..     People who have a poetic heart can still smell the same after falling into mud. How adorable such a life is! Having a poem heart is enough to purify your mind. Having a poetic heart is enough to let oneself observe beauty that others have not noticed. Having a poem heart is enough to enrich your feelings. Having a poem heart is enough to make one’s mind reach the highest level.     In the middle of the night, when people are still, it is best to hold a warm tea and a roll of ancient poetry and touch the noble and graceful beauty of the ancients with a good poem heart. It is best to have some moonlight outside the window, or through a thin gauze curtain, or simply open the curtain, and occasionally through a little breeze through the window seam, your mood will light up and come out with the stars and moons and accompany with the breeze..     You will find that the scenery in the poems will pull your soul into another pure and beautiful world and dance with it. However, the stars of the night moon in reality will filter all your sorrows, joys and sorrows into clarity and transparency. You will feel that the stars and the moon are so lovely that people can’t help but want to get close and touch them..     Night, is a lonely woman dressed in a black dress. Stars and moons are beads of jade attached to her black skirt, shining brightly. The cool breeze lifts some wrinkles for her, and this book fragrance makes her add a layer of nobility and elegance to her charm..     A heart watered by the holy water of ancient poetry will not wither and wither easily, because the heart of poetry is above everything else. Under the moon, what shines in front of your eyes is the spark of collision between your mind and the author’s mind, because of this, your eyes are shining brightly, your spirit is shining brilliantly, and your emotions are very touching..     Let’s give this night’s poem heart to the bright moon and cool breeze, watch her curl up in the moonlit sky and grow sweet like magic and truth, watch her dance under the cool breeze and be beautiful and soft.. The scroll in his hand also has some special rhymes at the moment. It is the elegance of ancient people’s poems on wine cooking, the coolness of the zither strings by hand at the end of the month, and the loneliness of an old man fishing in the cold river-snow..     Let’s give the whole night’s poem heart to the pen and ink, and watch her move lightly on the fingertip, and then flow out the night’s elegance, such as wine like tea.. Tonight, I just want to drink drunk and float in the words, look at the thousand years in the words, and use a simple and elegant poem heart to realize the elegance and longevity of time..     I am not a poet, but I want to have a clever poem heart, watching mountains and water, listening to rain and wind. The world is always so strange. I am not a poet, but I want to have a good poem heart, living like summer flowers and dying like autumn leaves, walking and chanting. I’m not a poet, but I want to have a heart of Jing Ya’s poems. In the rising and falling of the sun and the moon, I will keep a clear peace and quiet and watch the falling of Yun Qi..