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All love has passed through the wind and rain

[ Guide ]: Do you still see the Zhang Fanying sitting on the bank of the small river with willows and willows fondly?? Is that figure still there? Did the wave bloom? And that song? In my mind, so gradually or gradually, the rich or weak ethereal with many kinds of life amorous feelings, care about thinking in the foot.      Everything was sublimated in the baptism of wind and rain.   So, I put my love in the wind and rain of naked marks.   Yes, love to walk in the wind and rain, unlimited time.   So, how many kinds of ” love” are written?   There are several layers of love annotation?   I am looking for the answer in the sea of words. I am looking for or annotating between the boundless heaven and earth. In the rain and wind, the meaning expressed by such an impression and hieroglyphs is thick..   All the aspirations have broadened the verve of heaven and earth.   The booming sun burned the whole world.   The myth and legend of one thousand years have revived the beautiful images of youth in the beautiful breath between the mountains and rivers..   A piece of heroism dripping wet to the end, the bell flutters in China.   The Gospel on the horizon, with both your and my dreams, grew up in your imagination and yours..   That is the foot sound of the Spring Festival, the shape of the eagle flapping its wings against the clouds, using the most wonderful verbs and adjectives to express the intention of life, lifting a splendid shining hammer and sickle, and frankly entering the beautiful golden light avenue through the ages without regret and complaining about the legends of life..   Dawn singing has changed all beliefs and enthusiasm.   Dawn singing, ethereal and sacred life expectations.   The song of dawn enriches your and my good wishes.   Dawn singing is full and inspiring the common pursuit.   The song of dawn magnifies the main melody of the times.   Listen, hold out the delicious grain, compose many kinds of poems for you, listen, hold up the intoxicating cup and lamp, and be moved by your heroic deeds. Listen, love and hate between us are eternal in the symphonies of heart and heart … ah, because I and you are both children of the sun. In a hurry through many good times.   I and you, in one post after another, are reading about the fast-changing and unexpected things.   Hero’s tears, full of golden sun. Heart and new charm, handing over gifts of thousands of frolicks.   Perhaps it was in the diary of that spring day that a new mission, a new goal, a new responsibility and a new starting point started again, laying a foundation for the hopes left by that piece of land and our common and beautiful goal of struggle..   The fields and mountains in 2000 are spectacular and unique because of the beautiful scenery in spring, like a poem like a dream. The garden villages and towns of 2000 years are full of vigor and beauty, full of love’s poetry and themes, because of spring’s blooming and blooming colors and youth.. On the mother’s smiling face, she showed selflessness and magnificence. In his father’s ballad, he expressed his strength and will. I and you wish, loud voice of life.   Hold those big hands of the century. Good wishes have filled your cup and mine with melodious songs of the times, remembered our common goals, ideals and pursuit, and remembered the win-win situation of peace and development..   Everything starts from scratch and holds the flag high. Everything is beautiful and prosperous in our mind.   In your mind and yours, there is a lamp flashing.   The ancient soul, wandering in front of me.   The memory and dream of eternal life made me feel sad and happy on the mottled stone.   The scarred story revealed a vicissitude of life.   In the shadow of life, which trace journey was described.   So, the black between heaven and earth of those people and things.   So, sour, sweet, bitter and astringent are the feelings of me and you.   Do you still see the Zhang Fanying sitting alone on the bank of the small river where the willows and willows are coming?? Is that figure still there? Did the wave bloom? And that song? In my mind, so gradually or gradually, the rich or weak ethereal with many kinds of life amorous feelings, care about thinking in the foot.   I have sounded all my love.  I, in the flickering fluorescence, send love.   I had to light the lights in my heart.   I will always keep the promise he made with her … Ah, everyone has the right to love and be loved.   Everyone has a real and a fake side.   Everyone has gain and loss and dreams.   yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn, Wanshui Qian Shan is within walking distance.   As long as you and I can remember that beautiful day, remember that we promised and perhaps let love pass through the storm, and let love be more passionate in the sunshine – it’s beautiful, ugly and evil forever . ah . responsible editor: leaf[ original ]