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Blue mountain freehand brushwork ( 2 )

The ancient city of laneway was bathed in a midday sun, like an old man with a candle in his last years.. Walking along the flagstone road paved with granite and turning the winding alleys, I suddenly felt that the history of the ancient city was so deep and so distant.. The polished stone slabs are polished by the steps of history. Perhaps the ancient city of Blue Mountain looks so shabby and not climate-friendly compared with the well-preserved ancient cities of Lijiang and Pingyao, but I dare say that the ancient city lanes of Blue Mountain still have local characteristics. Sadly, the ancient city of Lanshan has been largely replaced by modern buildings. Even the tunnels still preserved are few and may continue to be destroyed..     On both sides of the roadway are old houses with unique shapes. The blue bricks to the top and the cocked eaves of the helmet show the exquisite architecture of southern Hunan. This is my first visit to southern Hunan, which has the name of Hunan’s back garden. I found that the buildings in southern Hunan are more exquisite and artistic than our buildings in northern Hunan.. These ancient residential buildings are so exquisitely carved and unique. Each family is all wooden doors with extremely exquisite doorframes, with two small doors and windows on the top and two wooden symbols engraved with various patterns on the horizontal bar below the doors and windows, like two large eyes staring at the front. I think whether it is used as a decoration or to ward off evil spirits, it has its unique architectural style..     Blue Mountain has a long history. The ancient emperor Shun Di passed through Blue Mountain and entered Ningyuan, where he died. He left many relics and beautiful legends in Blue Mountain.. The Shun River, which has been flowing for thousands of years, has shed many generations of laughter and sorrow on Blue Mountain, but it has not shed the respect and nostalgia for this ancestor of the Chinese nation.. Lanshan was also one of the earliest places where the county system was established. It was renamed Lanshan after five years of emperor gaozu, Nanping, and the first year of Emperor Xuanzong’s Tianbao ( AD 742 ). The vicissitudes of history of more than 2,000 years have accumulated a profound culture in southern Hunan, which has made this important town of southern Hunan with rich national culture and beautiful natural scenery relied on by dynasties since ancient times..     The ancient city is no longer in the past, but the past prosperity and glory can be surmised from the ancient roadways built by the shining square stones and rounded pebbles.. Blue Mountain is simple in folkway. No matter which family home you go to, you will always see bright smiling faces, and the host gives up his seat to pour tea, which is very warm.. We followed Tang Haoming and Jiang Xuegong, leaders of the provincial writers association, and pushed open the door of a family in the ancient city lane.. A middle-aged woman is adding firewood and cooking fire to the kitchen. She saw us come in and smiled and got up to say hello to us. As I approached the kitchen, a strong smell of vegetables came to my nostrils, stimulating my taste nerves. Without the consent of the host, I involuntarily uncovered the wooden lid. Wow, my god, it’s full of delicious food. the smell makes me drool. I’m busy sniffing with my nose.. Secretary Jiang xuegong asked, what guests do you have at home today? Made so many delicious things. The old man smiled and said, My daughters are coming back to make my birthday. Then let’s go to your house for lunch and give you a birthday wish, shall we? The old man repeatedly said yes, yes, yes!     Go down the steps and stay by a well. Lanshan County Federation of Cultural Unions said that this well is very old. Professor Yang, who was once president of Hunan University, lived in the house opposite to it when he was a child and grew up eating the water from this well.. I looked around the old well and saw ripples in the clear and faint water waves. I deeply understood the truth of ” one side keeps the other side”.     Yao township song song car climbed over the dustpan mountain at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, passing through mountain paths like yellow ribbons, and finally haze cleared away the fog and the outline of the mountain became clear in front of eyes.. I held my head out of the window and vaguely saw the red flag waving in the distant valley. I thought, maybe there is Yaoxiang where a bonfire party will be held tonight..     Car slowly forward, about 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, we arrived at Huiyuan township government. On the way, listening to the comrades of the Blue Mountain County Federation of Culture and Sports, Huiyuan Township is a Yao township, with more than 60 percent of the population of 2800.. I have been to Linxiang Longjiao Mountain, which is called Qianjiadong of Yao Nationality. It was once an ancient Yao village inhabited by Yao ancestors.. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, Yao people migrated one after another, leaving only the village walls and stone houses built to prevent outsiders from invading.. Therefore, I was delighted to hear that a bonfire party was going to be held in Yaoxiang. But what I never expected was that when we first stepped into the land of Yaoxiang, the scene of welcoming was so grand and warm.. The small township government is full of dark crowds. I have estimated that more than 1,000 people have arrived and many others are rushing here. This is a village of only 2,000 people.! There are people everywhere on the hillside and on the edge of the field. Men blow suona and knock drum music. Girls wear bright and beautiful Yao costumes for festivals. Happiness and joy are written on everyone’s face.. Huiyuan Township is boiling up! We stepped out of the car and took advantage of the busy scene, each picked up his camera and camera and took pictures of the happy moments.. A local Yao girl told us that she had never seen such a lively scene in her twenties!     Strange to say, when I rode to Huiyuan in the afternoon, it was drizzling in Mao Mao. I was worried about the success of the bonfire party tonight.. But after arriving at Huiyuan, the sky suddenly brightened, and the western sky emitted plumes of setting sun, which dyed the mountains and mountains of Huiyuan colorful, and the red sunset glow set off the beautiful costumes of Yao girls, even more gorgeous and dazzling..     Huiyuan township government is located in a low-lying area surrounded by mountains on all sides. In front of the township government is a rice field, beside which a small river spouts and makes a rhythmic sound. The bright and smooth pebbles exposed in the riverbed seem to be telling the vicissitudes of life in Yaoxiang for thousands of years. A small arch bridge connects the two sides of the river. On the mountain across the river, several tall and vigorous Yang Shucheng lined up like a guard guarding Yao Township.. The sunset glow in the evening shines on Yao township, forming a wonderful Yao township amorous feelings picture. it is really beautiful and makes people think endlessly..    A dinner with the characteristics of Yaoxiang has made everyone enjoy the original taste that they can’t eat in the city.. Without a few drinks of strong rice wine, people are somewhat tipsy. The sweet glutinous rice dumplings, barbecued taro, steamed pumpkin, and all kinds of wild vegetables that can’t be named are not delicious food, but they taste so sweet and refreshing, and their appetite has greatly increased..     The evening bonfire party was held in a paddy field in front of Huiyuan township government. The party has not yet started, and people are flocking around the rice fields, jostling with each other.. Along the road are torches made of bamboo branches, which are half a mile long. The torches shine brightly on the mountain, and several bonfires burned with dry branches burn brightly in the fields and the flames soar into the sky.. The evening party began with the singing of the two singers participating in the Good Day Regulations. Yao singer Yao Song, who won the gold medal in the national minority competition, and Yao folk inspiration and folk artist’s performance pushed the party to a climax .