Falling point of youth

About youth, we are always losing, however, because of loss, because of missing, because of injury, we know more about cherishing – inscribing at the intersection of youth, the youth in those memories comes to an end for a while and finally becomes a permanent freeze. Everyone has his own youth falling point, and everyone will eventually find his own home. In the course of youth journey after journey, facing many scenery and many mistakes, what mood will we use to compose the melody of youth.     Someone said,’ when I look up at the sky, I am not looking for anything, but should be lonely.” once I was a lonely child. when I was alone, I liked to stand up against the window, tilt my head, and face the sky quietly, then there was no dialogue, no scene, and no sense of sadness.. At that time, at the age of 18, I expressed my joys and sorrows with the most real attitude. However, youth is easy to die, the years are easy to grow old, the vicissitudes of life are long, the waters are deep, life is like a dream, people are not yesterday, standing at the crossroads of life, suddenly understand. In this world, there are always some people you can’t get close to, there are always some things you can’t accomplish, and there are always some places you can’t reach, so why not hold on, youth has no destined misfortune, only the persistence of death does not let go, I warned myself over and over again, in the dream, the smile is as beautiful as flowers and pure as flowers..     Many vows, the enemy cannot resist time, many childishness, also become more and more childishness with the flow of time, but I didn’t blame myself, because that I was just a simple child, so today, I forgave the mistake that once was made by that lonely child.. The journey of youth, after all, is full of thorns and many temptations. Those plots are weird and changeable. A child can’t escape the ignorant rush, can he? And I’m just the lost child, looking for a place to live in tired dreams.     Many people have left their marks in my life, and I have never forgotten them. I once compared myself to the rose in May, which is free and easy and charming in dyeing, like the rose in the world, so I gave myself a beautiful name – the rose in the waves.. Because I think I should be like an unfolding red rose at the age of 18, full of fragrance, pursuing beauty and growing pains.. However, along the way, the roses in my heart never bloomed as scheduled in the most beautiful season. I also complained deeply about my bigotry, so that on the way of growing up, I always tripped up countless times and missed the scenery of the season after season, but the miss of the scenery of youth eventually became a thing of the past, and the lost scenery was doomed to never be found again..     Through qingyun, I looked at the distance gently. many people will leave traces of pain in the waters of time, or the memory will chase the vague direction, softly singing and softly singing.? Years of passing water, as beautiful as flowers and beautiful as soon as possible, the train of youth has passed one stop after another and finally turned into a point, condensed in the pen and ink, and the curve of the palm has finally opened up a beautiful radian and opened in the air. It is a youth, full of countless joys and sorrows, bearing many young dreams, and finally broken and teary – eyed.. About youth, about the play, I always played it too lifelike. Our so-called firmness is just a kind of camouflage after our predecessors. Love, just understand how fragile and painful you are, just begin to know how to protect yourself, be silly, just understand timely persistence and abandonment, and no way back just understand that there is no need to be so persistent..     Missing is a very mysterious thing, like a shadow, silently haunting the bottom of my heart, leafing through page after page. The story written yesterday suddenly and infinitely missed the once warm side of the youth, the once true friendship, the original dream was so beautiful, the best friend caressed my mottled heart in countless nights.. The years receded, but those original stories, those real years, were still stored in my heart. I missed them so much, but I was afraid to mention them..     In quiet time, I like to turn on the computer and listen again and again to Sun Yanzi’s participation in meeting the bill. The feeling is subtle, clean lyrics, warm pictures, slow melody and quiet voice can always warm my heart.. Perhaps, to me, this is also a kind of moving, love a person, love for a long time, but it is only an ignorant rush, in the flood of youth, with the injury of displacement, but also because of this misfortune, let me know more about life and how to cherish it..     The annual ring-like past illustrates a person’s growth, and at last, in the gorgeous interpretation of his youth, he understood the truth: ” Although he has not walked many roads, walked many bridges, seen many clouds and drank many kinds of wine, he can deeply love such a person and love each other after years of passing water.”.     In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t meet at the beginning. What matters is the last chance: life and death, son – to – son talk, holding hands, and son – to – son marriage. The pace of youth is like flowing clouds and water, but it can not be grasped. Let it pass by and cherish it now is enough.