Garbage from a recommended work

It was a hot summer day, and on a whim, I threw seven or eight articles that I thought I had written well.. In less than two hours, the editorial teacher gave a reply and was very touched by their efficiency and style of work.. It’s not the first time to submit a manuscript like this. Every time you submit a manuscript, you always want to hear some teachers’ teachings. Publishing is of course a good thing, indicating that the article is readable.. Look closely at the mail. I was excited to learn that the teacher was still doing a lot of criticism.. The teacher gave great encouragement and determination. One of them will be published in the next issue of the journal, and the rest will be returned in full.   Looking at the returned manuscript, I couldn’t bear to delete it all, so I read it carefully from beginning to end. These are all testimony of Hanshui in this summer! Finally, I finished watching the unforgettable 2009. The newly heal scar once again deeply stings that heart. Full of articles, the returned articles were deleted one by one and returned to the garbage disposal box..   The steps of autumn are as silent as those of spring. This is not, the flying leaves in mid-air are very beautiful, and let me have infinite reverie. I thought a few months had passed and I haven’t seen any news of the publication of the manuscript so far.. As a result, he dials the editor’s teacher’s phone in a nervous mood.. After hearing this, the teacher learned the details and said that another article was published in this journal. My heart was wondering if the manuscript had been rejected.. The manuscript from then on. After thanking the teacher in a hurry, he hastily opened the garbage disposal box, thinking never to delete it. There’s also the’ treasure’ I want!   Open the garbage collection bin, but luckily didn’t delete it and quickly restored it to its original appearance. But my eyes still touched the unforgettable 2009. I didn’t have any passion, some of which were deep in my heart.. The voice of a rock song outside our heart: The world we live in is a garbage dump…. It reminds me that the word ” garbage dump” does not apply equally to the field of writing. It reminds me that once I saw a publication called Yihai Picking Shells, it can be changed into a treasure hunt in garbage. And we are rich in garbage… Thought of here, I did not hesitate to export my manuscript from the garbage and quickly put it into the online column of prose. Because I understand that garbage and pearl jade coexist, garbage and pearl jade can also be transformed into each other. There is no eternal elite, only endless choices. Maybe I will lose my head, but this is an instant event.   On the autumn night, the solitary light accompanied me through the sea. Reminds me of the garbage in the dustbin a few days ago, and slowly opens up the space for prose that I only applied for soon.. After a few articles, I occasionally went online only to see if my poor three-digit click has made progress.. So tonight. A look at the click turned into a four-digit number, and I began to think my eyes were wrong and wondered in my heart.. As a result, I opened the contents of the space and scanned my eyes. I found that I picked up all the garbage from the garbage and clicked on it to highlight four digits. I didn’t want to open it for fear of hitting my allergic nerves.. So I went to see the excellent online recommended works of prose.   Every time I go into the prose recommendation column, I always benefit a lot from reading it and forget to return to it. This doesn’t just open a group of recommended works to catch your eye. I never imagined that I would be recycled from the garbage. Seeing the online click volume, I was very excited. A little tear rolled down the palm of my hand and tears rolled in the palm of my hand. It seemed to me that all kinds of waste plastic garbage in my life were processed to make a necessary living product for my life. Let me see as if the second oil field ( 1 ) tons of waste plastic can recycle at least 600 kilograms of gasoline and diesel oil. I seem to see 17 big trees not being cut down ( 1 ton of waste paper can recycle 700 kg of high-quality paper and cut 17 trees less ) )…..   At this time, I know more clearly that our children and grandchildren will live in forests and rivers for thousands of generations.!   And good works are like Brother Sharp picking you up and putting you in his mouth. At that moment, you are the treasure in his heart.!     On October 21, 2011, fifteen was 17