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Accompany you to see the meteor shower

Want every night guarding a pure heart Brightness of deep lofty serenity accompany you, sitting on the snow ridge a few stars the moon, moving drag the faint starlight night shallow, clear eyes looking mosaic of countless breeze, twist the pen to write a letter to a cloud, warm summer’s most it is condensed clump of grass drag the new move, and the sweet green shadow katydid humming, fireflies also mention here Shadeng you and I, was silent, listening to it Look over the moon frogs Galaxy but staring at the smiling, embracing affection seems to have subtle waves from the silence, the wind and breathe Yang Kai memory of that time, Yeliangrushui Phalaenopsis implicitly sent fragrance , spun strings Kuang Gean Rubao long thoughts, rubbing down a moonlight snow to open the lock of life past life that give away a bunch of piety, such as butterfly wings, opened to the blue color of the sky windowsill eyes shimmering moment stars, such as flood hit perfectly clear sky blue burst of light rain quietly floating down, thrown Ripples in you my heart