Accompany you to the end

She then is the factory yard famous flower plant.  He is a worker, a good man is handsome motivated.One pair of golden couple, get married get any cooler.  After marriage, they are very happy the day after a few years, until the birth of her daughter.  In those days, the concept of old people, children are born to go to her husband’s family.She listened to her husband’s family, then peace of mind to go home to rural children.Who knows, she was giving birth, doctors in rural areas and have never had good conditions, the villagers had to rush to find a coach to take her to the county hospital whirl rescue, finally, her life is saved, but had suffered from severe postpartum crazy.A beautiful old wise man, not only a high degree of paralysis, the brain is also bad, from the day his daughter was born, she became a downright useless, life can not take care of themselves, can not speak, fell into the Hunhundundun another world, could not understand the love and wonderful.  Happy marriage was covered with a layer of ash fate, he was a man, pulling a young child, was pretty confused, but also to wait on his wife, he gradually debilitated.Family and the people around them are beginning to advise: Although it can not cut off support for such a disabled wife, but he is still young, only 20 teens, it was the best years of life, it can not be such a drag on a mother and daughter.So, people are beginning to give him to identify suitable target; to the children entrusted to people looking for him sternly rejected.He said that as a man, he has the responsibility and the ability to raise her daughter.As has been paralyzed in the bed of his wife, he said, I want to accompany her to the final.He spoke fondly firm, listen to the people shed tears.  He says it will do, since then, at work, he entrusted his daughter to take care of his mother, his wife arranged comfortable bed, let her lie is good; noon home from work, talk to his wife going on everyday, then tease her daughter happy, then cooking.Mother feeding little daughter, he is holding a small bowl, eat a mouthful to feed his wife, and then fed her medicine, and finally hanging on to own two food rush, rush to work.  Rest day, he took them to the outskirts of play, one hand holding her daughter in one hand and pushing his wife’s wheelchair, their path, all striking.  Day after day, his leisure time, give her a bath, change beautiful clothes, sitting in the sun in her hair slowly, make nutritious meals.Day so the overlay from the doctor had asserted her survive 10 years of predictions and farther away, with her miraculous perception, like watching her daughter laughing!His work when she was elated, clear eyes a lot, but sometimes looking at him, revealing a little confused and lost.He increasingly good to her, hold her back every day are taking the time out of the sun, in winter, the chair she sat in a thick pad of cotton, her wait was comfortably.Later, her hands actually got the moves, he will be shown with a monthly salary to her, she stared at the money in a daze, he explained: Now couples are so, men are responsible for money, the woman responsible for the management of money, our family also this!She smiles, and meet brilliant.  20 years of flying time blink of an eye later, her daughter persuaded her father to find his wife a child, the mother to their own.This time the daughter has married, had a good job, we can assume responsibility for the care of the mother.But he did not agree, he said: Let me stay with your mother in the end, this is my principle!  Thus he has been careful to take care of her, to give up everything downtown Ukiyo desire.When the world in the interpretation of divorce, marriage, flash marriage turned upside down, so he would abandon her, take care of her, with her!  10 years later, she died smiling.30 years of ups and downs care and toil, he was already a gray-haired old man, though he was only in his early 50s.  She died six months, he began to constantly walk on a blind date dinner, buy clothes, practicing tai chi, and soon opened a new chapter of life.Soon, he told an equally good old lady got widowed edge.At this time, before he began to regret all the infatuation been accusations that she had left, he could not wait to find his wife children.  But just as he was duty-bound to take care of her life, as the pace of remarriage is also duty-bound.Inquiries to his daughter, he said: The best love is certainly not with the total death, but dedicated to accompany you to the end, then, trying to make themselves happy, and never let life.  Sometimes love is so simple, when in love, whether high or low residual old, were never betray; after were actively looking for the pleasures of life.No guilt, no decadence, no grudge, who can say no to such a great love of it?!