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According to the window to be static bloom

Window, white clouds, like most fleeting thoughts, no direction, no constraints to come and go.  Depending at the window, eyes as clouds drifting very far direction, without a trace of hesitation, yes, from the bottom of my heart overflow yearning.  River bearing the number of years of human hope, if among large manufacturing day how many natural wonders.  After the rain, the air is fresh and gridding, looming between the sea of green vistas, floor and floor, the distant flowers after the rain yesterday, about to enjoy blooming, attachment and love for life in clear air came.  With a hint of fragrance Ruoyouruowu The Soft nose to the wind, to breathe, enjoy the sweet smelling air, returning to the heart like a child suddenly appear.  To interpret what life?  Hearts dedication has never changed, leaving a hope in my heart, so that the efforts of sweat flowing on the cheeks, after a strong wind and heavy rain will be more.  People should keep learning, which means that in growing their own, as long as the direction toward the dream that one day grow into their desired appearance.  Quietly in the window according to the hearts of unprecedented peace, wanton stare constantly looking for their dream of direction.The flowers seem distant to the near and touches his own soul soft, that stretched delicate flowers in the waist, are waiting to bloom.  The voices of flowers is a hope in the flow, it is like the passage of time growing up in joy, like a strong and mature in the growing expectations hope.  Static according to the window to be flowers, it is kind of how Rouchang?  Bright sun shining on the vast world, floral bursts, corresponding to the hustle and bustle of the old language at this time of joy, peace of mind, the clouds as the most beautiful woman, with eyes Feelings silently watching, their eyes, full of life desire.