According to three questions

[Editor’s note: Evans unique imagery abundance.Light-strong Italian language, rhyme far-reaching exhibition.It is worth reading, enjoy the rain robe recommendation!  1.Sun You know, what I like the morning sun like my favorite, that red sun hung on the car frame in the city I know, a construction worker’s hand was the first person they stood in the sun leveraging human high in the first start of the morning sun leveraging red, a symbol of warm red, a symbol of a bright red, a symbol of strength from contrast, brilliant tomorrow 2.Dry lotus you know, what I like is uncertain open lotus youth I also like the old withered lotus in the lotus flowers fall off and they finished, let the youthful curling into a doddering skinny withered, old age is also beautiful smile, mature dry sores once and lost once since autumn mature yesterday, the achievement of Nirvana become, year after year, Lotus smile 3.Shrimp child night comes, the wind blows, I am under the stars, the stars on the lake I saw countless stars, flashing in flash, so many little life between the star and the star season in the dead of night, noisy with their flashing the enthusiasm I am sure that they are driving a PT birthday child star, they did not bother the night, the lake, and their color is not only an excellent day gently, gently flashing made me feel