Accumulate every 5 minutes

He grew a wide range of interests, dreams can accomplish something in literature, music.When teaching at Columbia University, he has not given up the dream.But he could not make heavy work piece out of time to create.Although he did not have time to find a reason for their own, but the dream of always pull the heartstrings, so that he can not be relieved.    After a loss several times, he remembered his childhood piano teacher Edward.At that time, Edward learned that he vacated a few hours every day practicing full, they suggested that he must develop another habit as long as there few minutes to spare, I brought the piano.After entering the community, we will not have such a long day of free time for you to dominate.You have to practice time dispersion of the day, the piano has become part of everyday life, it can be consistently playing down.Edward said.    At that time, he did not understand the teacher, but now suddenly see the light.Since then, even if only five minutes, he would sit down to write twelve poems.He soon accumulated a number of manuscript.In adhere to numerous five minutes later, he wrote a book of poetry.Later, he used a five minutes to create a novel, to practice piano.Finally, he had their own dreams.He is the modern American poet, pianist and educator Erskine.    Learn to use fragmented time, parts into a whole, so there is no time to no longer be an excuse, find a way to realize the dream.