“Accumulation” success

He was born in the United Kingdom for the United States, parents are teachers, throughout childhood and adolescence were spent in his parents’ strict discipline in.After high school, he got excellent results in smooth entry into the United States famous Princeton University study.Conservative-minded parents, very high expectations for him, he always wanted to be a respected lawyer or government officials in the future.    Mid-1995, graduated from college that year, his third of the students go to medical school, and one third place went to law school or Wall Street elite such as convergent.When students asked about his whereabouts, but he mysteriously told them he was going to Hollywood to become an actress.His answer was to grow up in a conservative environment, friends terrified, we all thought he was crazy.However, no matter how others oppose, he finally stick to their dreams, from New York to LA, dropped into the embrace of Hollywood, began his dream journey.    To survive, he had to go to a movie company to do work behind the scenes in Hollywood.The first year, he was busy all day copying, finishing materials and adjust the lighting, shuttling between various offices, sometimes even help the boss took to the streets to buy food, or to walk the dog actors to work.During that time, he was destitute, living in the cold and hunger, the most difficult time even cheaper are unable to pay the rent, parents rely on aid to survive.    Days like this make him extremely tired and disappointed.One day, he suddenly realized he could not go on like this, diving, they panic and ran into the boss’s office, he said aloud to his boss: I want to be an actor!    The boss looked at him in surprise, somewhat puzzled, thought he was too low working conditions, they quickly said to him, I just accepted a BBC cartoon director job, I want you to be my assistant, the annual salary of 40 000.    The boss’s words made him extremely disappointed that day, he departed decisively.    Since then, he began to really struggle as the original dream, he began to look for opportunities to sell yourself, participate in a variety of actors interview.In order to realize their dream of an actor, while he was volunteering, the shuttle in almost all workplaces Hollywood, continue to do work behind the scenes, while acting to attend acting classes to study hard.    This time, though he repeatedly denied, but also got the opportunity to “Vampire Slayer,” “ER,” “Dinotopia” and other episodes guest performances.Still later, he starred in the movie “tainted human nature”, featuring an important role, and actor performances side by side, and have good performance in the play, but his artistic path is still not much improvement.    Two years prior to mid-2004, he almost could not find any work, life and career have fallen to a low point.At this time, he felt his way art gloom, could not help float helpless despair.After struggling to find, after a long wait, he finally received an obscure job, a low-cost small movie director found him, wanted him to join the crew.To his disappointment, he played in the drama is just a 10-minute screen time a fugitive, he did not refuse, but also seriously into them.    A month later, he received an invitation to a crew, so he went to the audition, he was non-stop rush past.Audition that day, because he was removed from each workplace for many years in Hollywood, director of the presence of more than 30, almost all of his little impression.That show, he naturally calm, surprisingly successful audition, he soon won the role, because everyone thinks he is the chosen one of the main characters.    Drama drama of suspense, exciting.After the Fox drama play, sometimes the viewer as a mountain, rave reviews.Witty, cool, Emotion Shigeyoshi him, with superb performances in the play, won the hearts of millions of viewers, so overnight.    The show is a smash hit in North America and around the world in the hit US television series “Prison Break”.And he is played by actor Michael Scofield actor Wentworth Miller.    Wentworth Miller has finally ushered in a turning point of his own acting career.December 13, 2005, the 63rd Annual Golden Globe nominations were announced, “Prison Break” won the Best Television Series – Drama Award nomination, and Wentworth also due to outstanding performance in the drama nomination, and “Lost” compete with “24” and other popular drama series actor best actor.    Wentworth Miller recalled the past 10 years, he has done two important life decisions: First, after graduating from Princeton University, did not choose to enter the elite world of Wall Street, but turned into a dream in Hollywood; the second is 10 years removed from the case of fruit, did not choose to give up, but has insisted in Hollywood, though he insisted unusually difficult.    To dream of 10 years, he changed 12 jobs, experienced a 488 times the interview, finally at the age of 34 in exchange for a Golden Globe nomination.And this is only the beginning.    Later, when others praise him with superhuman acting talent, such Wentworth and others talk about their success: every day before going out to go to school as a child, my father would say a word to me accumulation.Every test, every quiz, every teacher and dialogue, which will have an impact on the final results, decide what you can be admitted to university.    You can live what kind of life?All the little things together is a major event.This is your life.