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What is the role of the herb herb

⑦ "Jade Catalpa drug solution": dry soil and water, vent drink Phlegm, stasis, Gloomy, go missing, ringworm, in addition to disease, physical Tunsuan to rot, the provision of mountains quotidian, back bones and muscles atrophy soft, clear urinate drowning of turbidity。
⑧ "Materia Medica original": diarrhea supper vent sealing, summer diarrhea improper diet, lower blood spleen wet。 A medicinal compatibility with a dry run, complement each other, spleen and moistening, good governance dysphagia abdominal swelling and spleen moss thin greasy。 Per reference element with reference to the product manufactured by the dry run, the system dry and greasy to the reference element of the product, the spleen ney, Yin by the wet, two good at the long。
Plaster with a temperature of a cold, hardness and softness, heat and dampness not to hurt the organs healthy atmosphere, good governance dampness and heat, the sun Yangming taken by the two Tongzhi meaning。 Summer temperature, wet temperature, strong thermal polydipsia, body weight, the most suitable female short embolism。
Cork herb with what drugs are two gas with magnificent, two bitter consistency, dampness force multiplier; cork too herb, manufactured by cold to warm, and heat loss without the male。
The phase two-phase system drugs, heat and dampness significant skill, the power used to heat the foot of the knee pain, swelling, weakness foot atrophy, vaginal discharge or heat, and see urine dripping wet sore short red, yellow and greasy tongue and other syndromes。
With Sichuan pepper warm in the cold and dampness dampness go, the spleen and stomach health movement can stop diarrhea。 Temperature increase force in diarrhea, cold and dampness can cure chronic diarrhea than Sheng, greasy moss thick cloud embolism。