Accustomed to being rejected

He is a promising young manager, just 39, had a net worth of hundreds of millions, even more unusual is that he is starting from scratch, without any background.In the clearance break a business meeting, I am very curious to ask the boss, why can dry up to now billionaires from scratch.He smiled and said: just because I have long ‘used to be rejected’.This statement is very strange to see my face puzzled look, a smile began to boss him specifically explain to me what it means.    Because the family was poor, his sophomore went out to work in Shenzhen, he painstakingly, being rejected many times, finally found a hotel waitress’s errand.    He is not afraid of hardship, the hotel’s dirty work rushing to dry, light potato silk, he would have to cut a full three pots a day.One day, a chef quietly said: Brother, I think you can endure hardship, life is also very smart, not stupid mouth, I feel you are quite suitable for sale.    So he resigned and began looking for sales in this industry.However, since that time, he was just eighteen years old, the age is fairly small, and no sales experience, so people always rejected.    Shenzhen so many factories and companies, he does not believe being able to find a company accept yourself.So, to find a home, a home to be rejected.Finally, a company selling batteries accepted him, the basic salary is very low.He bought a second-hand bike, the bike behind with two battery boxes, kiosks encounter on home sales.As a result, always rejected.One day, a supermarket owner in the doorway and others play chess, he was to sit and watch, boss wins chess, he duly praised the high level of the boss, the boss turned round to look at him: You boys really interesting, I refused you three times, you did not give up, really stubborn strength ah dice!Well, I bought you a hundred board battery (a plate four), if the quality is good, then I also into your.So, after the boss refused three times, finally the first business deal, and he got the first sales commission: forty yuan.    Through the efforts of twenty years old that year, he became a full member of the company’s best sales month of sales commission will be able to tens of thousands.    Although sales is considerable, however, the battery industry, after all, is not the amount of sales, so he switched to a company in sales of security products, the industry’s clients are large mining, oil, fire, petrochemical, and other needs of customers derrick generally, as long as a single cook, sales could reach millions or even tens of millions, is a small contract, can reach hundreds of thousands.    So he switched to the development of the industry.Although done sales before, but, after all Gehangrugeshan, before sales networks under the painstaking efforts have no effect, have to start from scratch.    He is to call every day, from the Baidu search to related companies, and then by phone, sell, sell this phone, he can play hundreds every day, though they are rejected, however, he did not discouraged.Finally there is a mine safety spot checks payable because of the higher authorities, the temporary need to purchase a number of security products.Sleepy just met pillow, he signed the contract over eight million.There is also a single customer and a contract because a company is a contradiction, an angry customer, ready to change the company, this time, his phone call, so, signed the contract over three million.    He played every day at least four hundred telephone, three-month probation period, he played tens of thousands of phones, the vast majority are rejected, the success rate even reach ten thousandth.However, it was that the success rate of less than one in a million, it is a total of two thousand million single sales so that he successfully turned positive, to become the youngest foreign big company salesman.    Later, with the sales network and after some funds, he started a company, represented a security company’s products, the rapid development of business start up.    Each person’s life, will face a lot of refuse, so accustomed to being rejected are very important.  When you get used to being rejected, the face of failure romance, you will not fly into a rage and even the demise of the common evil; accustomed to being rejected, when you work in times of difficulties, you will be more confident to move forward muster ; when you get used to being rejected, the business world can really do business is not in favor; when you’re used to being rejected, you really learn to calm; when you’re used to being rejected, you will sooner or later succeed in business.