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Butterfly flower drunk, but the wind to fly Flower

Part one: broken flower under butterfly, flowers are wind blown fly leaves, leaf fall tree care, leaves from the leaf to read flower, leaf reading leaf tears, Yela do Enriching the soil, leaves mud more quadrangle.  Chang E for the month drunk, but according to the monthly return rabbits; moon hovering month, month overcast Rabbit sad, whom on Long Xi, dark months for whom weeping moon illuminated the night sky, moonlight reflected very few stars, full moon residual hook, moon month solitary clear, moonlit night according to whom, for whom the lack of flower fly next month Chengjiang practice, Chengjiang nearly empty mountains.Sunset setting sun hidden, the souls of flowers with the flow.Yesterday the number of red full, empty silence now Wan.  Butterfly flower drunk, but the wind flower fly, flower dance flower tears, crying flower petals fly, flowers whom Xie, Hua Xie for whom grief, regret flower blossom, edge to edge to edge of the water is too Jun Jun tears , Jun Si Jun Hui tears, to whom the king stay the king to stay for whom sadness and beauty king and love, but with the king of reform, hidden Jun Jun Jun helpless now, people coming and going freely drunk love for love, love for the Valentine desolate.Hurt feelings is infatuated, infatuated love is cool.Heart cloud heart wanders, pained effort funeral.Moods whom died, desperate for whom funeral.Heart to Heart to heart from injury, feeling affectionate love vast Kam.  Suifeng Wu leaves, flowers and butterflies Cong.Autumn leaf knowing, thousands of miles to find Xin.I do not know in the wilderness round, dawn to silly.Feeling heartbroken, Acacia tears, resentment who know.Since the other and the king, my heart went with Iraq.Coast to Coast, the affectionate been disconsolate.Fall flowers, butterflies Acacia, we already know the sad ending.  Butterflies fly, dragonflies chase, sexual gratification than Yifei; pian hope, hope people go, do not see through Autumn back; Clouds Chasing the Moon, wind Fu Liu, Jun remember the past feelings; students with promise, died spend, vows not look back.  Butterflies fly, dragonflies chase, gazing with a dream.Hope wild geese, hope people go, every long drink himself Cup.Acacia bitter, tears wet cup, a non-human well see.Situation dependent, the heart of Xu, grab this life does not let go.Past situation, edge life, Love and Love knot.Phase pull the soul, the dream phase winding, when the hate Melancholy.With the joys, knot bosom friend, see the truth of trouble.Meet difficult, Bie, affectionate moon and new moon.    Part II: butterfly flower drunk, but the wind to fly Flower Do not ask me where it comes from, goes I was a gust of wind, came and went without a trace; Do not ask my name yet who, I do not notice, just you and me pass, are all passing, why say.End of the World destined to meet, missed right close by strangers, destined for a thousand years, missed the fleeting Hundred Days pay.Edge of the deep edge of the shallow, only an idea.—- Inscription sauna is an empty net off the night, the wind has gone into the bone, I know that winter is coming.After nightfall habit every day, I sit in the case before the favorite to write some text, which seems to have an addictive addiction, obviously the busy days, but gradually sink in the heart in a loss, staring look the screen, I did not know where to start.Turn in a song aptly’s fingertips can not help but free in the keyboard, note the time that thoughts, thoughts Banzhan.  See an article today have an “Old people like nostalgia,” left speechless sadly, Am I old yet?Just calm down, they will remember the past, some memorable ever had never been able to forget, even though the wind has Danyun light, I really thought I forgot, so throw out clean, so that is so casual ease.But for those who inadvertently catch a glimpse of a few poem ever written, mixed with pain and tears or love or hate, just read it has already gone is so piercing.Some things happened in Vain, touch will remember.Some people, been to always leave a trace, goodbye already have.But he was stubbornly wrote a lifetime of pain, pretend as a Huoluo scars, can never be devoid of.The original light everything will flow away at any time, loved the people, moving too sad situation, the case only.  I thought I would be a stubborn person to incurable, let go I do not know, I do not look back, no turning back.But life has taught me, love must be a response, a person close to the escape of a person, is bound to be dripping ink into the wound.Life does not need so many unnecessary attachments, no need to jealously guarding to the end of time as another person, even if it just fell in love while, bears a lifetime of tears, but also the fate.If the heart dependency, they miss the foreseeable future, for you from Prison.  The person’s life at least once for someone, you forget yourself, do not seek everlasting beauty, only to meet the most beautiful years.What a beautiful and pain of love, love can not spend, the kind of courage to dare not forget?Love, do not ask right or wrong, but to no regrets.After, regardless of right and wrong, Oh that peace of mind.After all, I was a passionate woman, ruthless coat only to unrelated people, in front of people know, the end is not restrained to fall.A friend, the world is better than thousands of words, one understands you, resolve uncertainty about the door, since it is an idea for you dedication, he stuck the city.With a heart of love, it is how warm things Oh, because of love, I am willing to lower their own arrogant face, either your tender kiss upon my brow, that moment just want to snuggle in your arms, waiting for me Harbor mooring heart of life.  Time flies, dream off fingers.You are no longer the romantic teenager, but I do not hate parting woman, between that distant landscape, only to miss Sylvia Yin rampant, scattered in the horizon, and your loving eye, the end is my life regret nostalgic.Tonight captures a ray of red beans, cover falling a break up, planted a species of Acacia, I used the cold this winter, and so that a spring, wait facing the sea, the Red there is love in full bloom from my heart, such as lotus Memories Come.