Butterfly statement

Opened the window, she said, there is nothing around, you have a tree?There spend it?anyone there?Blue sky or do?There are no clouds ah!I know that the sun is so hot my face, but my life, there will never be a sun!For a man surrounded by blue sky all day, a day facing the mountains and rivers, water Sensation, the mountain decent woman, they all can not be expressed in words cruel.She too poor!    Although she was the sun shining, though there are mountains out the window, although there are clouds horizon.All in all, for her, nothing of!    Wall it?Wall it?Wall it?Here a vast network nightlife, sea without her, without her tree, without her man.She could not see the!Here the world is not the color.Hill also bald, withered grass, the forest is also sparse.Only water and he, as well as the previous look!    Come!Reach out your hand, this is your water, your heart to see.I tell you, not in front of a waterfall, but a tall lonely cliff wall if you want, I can take you to the next piece of the mountain, I guarantee, that piece of the mountain will not fall, I around you, taller than a piece of the mountain, I am your wall, lean on me.I’m tall, I feel it?If you do not feel, come with me, I’m your eyes.That look, this is the big tree, you see it?Our past, we spent running in the sea, we.do you remember?    Today’s vast landscape bleak, let me turn it into green, into flowers, please?    Living life, inevitably dying landscape, think about your tree, your water, winter comes, can spring be far away!