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Butterfly, flying over people’s minds

A butterfly flew out of the window.    At that time I was being an extremely difficult math problems to resolve troubled, so he stopped the nose, he turned to look out the window, so they saw this butterfly.She was lightly flying and flapping slightly pink spotted dotted with large golden wings, light dance in the air, like a pure spirit.    Looking at this beautiful butterfly, I remembered Jean Duominite Bobby, the French fashion magazine “ELLE” editor in chief.He thinks of his story and his “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”.    In life one morning, he had a stroke and was rushed to hospital with friends, in a coma for twenty days later, he regained consciousness, he found himself no longer move her body turned out, only a left eyelid also active, he described himself as being put into a diving bell, the whole body must not move.    Sudden disaster is undoubtedly devastating, especially for a man of spirit, our Mr. Bobby, too, almost desperation.But then he finally picked it up confidence, hope and courage, his attendant next to him kept by frequency of use to read 26 letters, and so on to read that letter when he wants to use, he would blink his body the only but also by the brain controls the left eyelid, his attendant is to let him through this way can communicate with the outside world, and is also in such a way that he completed his “the diving bell and the butterfly,” to know if this writing background, it is difficult not to be impressed by reading this book, this book will therefore be even feel every word is very precious.    In the book, Bobby describe him like a diving bell in general, but his mind is like a butterfly flew into the already over high mountains and the sea in many parts of the world..It writes, “I began to wake up from the morning practice to move the tongue into my mouth after.”” If we can successfully swallow the saliva, then I would be the happiest person in the world.”An clamped fate of sadness not move very sad; but on the other hand, maybe Bobby is lucky, sudden misfortune make him think that he will not go to some of the problems usually think, in this book he calmly Some think the earth will encounter, it is impossible to go around the problem, such as love, faith, compassion, conscience, and so on and so, the disease reduced his life, but deeply carved deep his thoughts.    Two days after “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” was published, Jean Duominite Bobby eventually died, the butterfly can still.    Perhaps the person’s life on the way through, not unexamined, can not swim, can not muddle along, we need to think, we need deep thought.Of course, you are not to be a philosopher, but behind every life has its profound it is not trivial?    If the idea of eternal let that thought just like that butterfly, flew over people’s minds, flew beside the hourglass of time, slowed down the pace of life fall, so we have enough time to enjoy the butterfly.