Buttonwood’s praise

REVIEW winter, thick plane trees stand along the roads, shedding bark constantly, it becomes smooth, but time has a different color will have a gap, a network of a.  Like plane trees, downstairs road lined with thick plane trees, all year round transform their own attire and attitude, accompany road and come and go non-stop shuttle vehicles and people in the past, become the highlight of the city.    Thick trunk usually divided in more than two meters twigs, just bundle up from the fingers, evenly curved and straight forward to growing up period of up to form rounded crown, gives the impression that sturdy, powerful, exuberant vitality.    Spring, plane trees wake up relatively late, until the weeping willow grow small leaves, when changed from light yellow to green, will slowly stuck his teeth tender palm-shaped leaflets from the spores come in, especially prone to accept the sun shine some more local, branches and leaves grow more quickly, a few days those little leaves vied with each other to stretch the entire crown gradually transition from the trunk of the body color to the main color to the leaves.    Summer, large palm-shaped, feels a bit hairy, solid feel, son elected to leave the largest long-handled blade, even when the son of a small parasol, slightly smaller remove the handle down on his head , is a native of the summer hat.Palm-shaped leaves that cling closely together, sometimes cracks the sun screen into fine spot falling on the road, the strong sunlight filtering through the leaves, becomes calm, and not so hot, standing under a tree, will feel a little cool, heart with shadow shade becomes calm, natural.    In the fall, the leaves of green life and life can not help but call autumn, the leaves of autumn color gradually become the main color.However relic figure, mottled bark, palm-shaped thick blades, in the cold branch quivering.    Not a few days, wandering in all branches of green and yellow or yellowing of leaves, while tight wind swept through the branches could not pull that has long been the heart return to earth of leaves, leaves that also tried to get rid of its care branches, eager to fly to the wind removed the ground, finally kissing the earth with peace of mind, reunion.Leaves in this autumn days and nights in the fall, accompanied by enchanting and quiet dance, colorful leaves, wandering the floor, looked in my eyes was actually extreme beauty!That large palm-shaped leaves, one, two.Slowly sink together, the streets paved with half, gorgeous gorgeous, rich in beautiful colors, yellow, green, brown, like an abstract painting in the immediate present, in seeing a single gray concrete pavement after this vision actually to add a bright color, a beautiful enjoyment.    In winter, thick plane trees stand along the roads, shedding bark constantly, it becomes smooth, but time has a different color will have a gap, a network of a.Cold north wind blowing all day autumn leaves did not call down to, until the last one leaves shaking down only to give up, leaving only its fruit hung.Fruit Indus looked at people like, round brown pellets, such as longan general size, appearance is covered by prominent seed, if open look inside, it is a long brown flocculent, long handle attached to the Department branches, like Yi Keke longan hung, then the trunk leaves no cover up, showing its sturdy stems and fruits like wind chimes in the wind as swaying, is a rare tree view.    Like plane trees, like its vitality, rooted in where where it is grown, there is an adaptable character, not because of poor location and noisy, and the secular can show that a release of its own style.