By the people think life

Recently busy, and looked at the “Swordsman”.A Swordsman song, much Red Suzi sigh! Twists and turns of life, complex society, so I really like the outcome of this story, thanks to Mr. Jin Yong. Unfortunately, not everyone had, who made unfortunate, and who suffered misfortune?For Linghu unfortunate and fortunate I was in tears laughing.Originally everyone is very happy to live, but they despised share of mind calm, so they will unworthy of all the people. For Linghu, would the conscience of calm, so far, few can?Even repeatedly misunderstood, but it is larger than the self-blame blame; even again being framed; not bitter at heart; even nothing, but we can also mindful of others.Relatives loyal filial till the end; the pursuit of love, until the last glimmer of hope is gone; for righteousness friends ngau thick, with utter sincerity.When he lost everything when he gets is respected the world, get is the most beautiful love. Perhaps also criticize Linghu heroes, not everyone is a good person, why not leave the slightest doubt?”Do not injure others have, defenses can not do without.”.If so, it may not be good, suspicious, how can free and easy life?A sparkling words “Mosi endless things around them, and to make limited lifetime Cup”, it not happy indeed free and easy life! For Miss Angela, can be said to identify what the.While living in “Evil”, but without losing the sense of goodness.For love can endure in silence all for the loved one.Let her come down Linghu have the power to live, and only she can become heroes Linghu unyielding.She is the happiest person.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) for Lin Ping, a sense of justice in the family, the wealthy son of a dare to bite the bullet, love and hate a person, but there are a lot of regrets.Alive, dead, not just what they say goes, people are responsible, kindness Is he the next life can report it to Lingshan? For Lingshan, very loyal to their love, or very loyal to their marriage.But why a year’s time, you can forget to give Big Brother Yu Jian?We grew up together, but why would again misunderstanding hurt loved his big brother?Her outcome is unfortunate, because she is a fool. For Yue Buqun, a typical hypocrite.In order to fame and fortune can betray all, this is his truth.Although it is a decent person, but it is the biggest devil, this so-called “Daybreak is the devil.”.He got what?More than get lost. Then remembers the sadness and joy, is unspeakable and non hearts Wanyu.People alive inherently difficult, busy rush of the people, meet a few people, few Huan?There are many roles a person, a person can pursue many, but not all can be arbitrary.There are some things wrong lifelong regret, some people missed will not come again.There are a lot of philosophy of life, do not be able to finish the whole.Live simple, happily alive, worthy of its own, worthy of others.