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Where nine local influence should pay attention to women's health

Local women's health impact of what are now everyone's living conditions have changed for the better, for their own health more attention than before, but our lives still have a lot of places are being neglected。 Xiao Bian below to tell us something about what areas will affect women's health, nine places to pay attention Oh!1 local influence women's health, public shower room frequented by some of our pool or gym shower room, is where most contagious foot, because it is not only very warm wet, so we just have to bring their own slippers。
As well as to develop good health habits foot: feet every day and to insist on a thorough clean dry, and this is a good way to prevent。 2, a telephone handset office phone could contain 2,000 different bacteria, but mostly harmless。
But if there is a person suffering from hand to wipe your mouth or rub your eyes after you use the phone before, but when you use the lips touch the phone, or making phone calls, it might be infected。 3, according to the study drug pen manufacturer Rinstead, in addition to writing, the pen is four purposes: crunch with, or scratch the back foot with itchy, or tea with stirring, with water flow channels。
So when you want to pen in your mouth, think again。
And do not borrow the doctor's pen, according to research at the University of Salzburg, Austria, from the patient to the doctor's hand, and then to the doctor's pen, the pen so doctors are many different types of bacterial and viral contamination, including urinary tract infections A small rash and pus (pustules disease) Dermatology。 4 local influence women's health, toothbrush we must remember not to use others used toothbrush, even the most pro-people do not use。 Because our oral bacteria and viruses are retained on the toothbrush。 5, hand recent US study found that 94 percent of respondents say after they wash their hands after using the toilet, but based on actual observation in a public toilet, only 68 percent of the public to comply with "Wash your hands" instructions。
Unclean hands most likely to infect food-related diseases。 6, toilet。