Night, received red phone, the phone is coming uncontrollably in tears, wailing!    I would not dare to believe that such a thing would happen in the red body.Yuning choke!    Young red, tall and slim, face Jiao good, but the kindest, most gentle one, also written an excellent article.I remember when she and her husband love, he neither looks nor a good job, most of the sisters do not agree, she said: “He is good heart!”After marriage, he is indeed very good red, we also relieved.Often several parties, with shallow drinking jokes, will quipped red vision, only to find a potential stock.He also followed hehe giggle!People feel happy, sweet!(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.COM) Later, with the arrival of the tide of reform, he is no longer secure.Originally in the construction industry have done good, to resign under the sea.First, engage in camera, and then is pure water, is growing mushrooms or something, Britain rushed about here all day, and the whole family and children are handed over to the old red.Red also busy work, family and busy all day round and round.Income in those years the plant is still quite good, he took the red-earned money to start a business!We see red so hard, have a joke to remind her: “Ha ha, do not you made money!”” No, he is not the kind of person!”Red is very firm!Indeed, so many years, the crowd broke up around a lot, although he was later to work in the field, the two separated the two, but they have not heard anything.In today’s materialistic, high divorce rate ranks of society, so that they can lasting love, people whom secretly pleased that there is truth in the world!    A few years ago, the red child is sick, very sick.Red anxious not, he does not return to her husband.I secretly worried for her, what not to say.That day, we went to the hospital to see red at the moment, I was shocked.Red, can be said to be a night of white hair, gaunt appearance has changed.I can not help how many tears, sudden tears.Afraid to let her see, hastily turned away, wiped tears.And talk to her, I was always looking down or look away, afraid of her vision in the eye, afraid of her eyes, it would break my heart.    He did not come back!I know there are many things red certainly did not speak, she was so proud.In front of us, she helped him cover up, said he was the exam, can not do without.I do not understand, the examination will be more important than children!She was always so in love with him, understand him, alone bear the pain is life, the weight of those, there are those countless fine.Fenghua years is no longer, there are only traces of vicissitudes, eye wrinkles, dry skin, there is the increasingly bloated body!But this, she is still strong, still smiling, because her heart, love!possible!    Phone, red still kept crying: “Now he became a director, not me!”I feel depressed, out of breath.I got up, opened the window, do not know when, since the sky to float the snow, slowly, silent, snow came!    How many dreams in life and look forward to an abrupt end, to now, leaving only exhaustion and loneliness, sadness and despair.    Children of depression when they could heal, who do not know.This can only become a reason for you to leave.See the children so you uncomfortable, you feel desperate, you want to have another child, but can not here with red.In the field, running back and forth, people tired, so you have to leave.These are excuses!I ask you, you leave, so red it?Her children face every day she is not uncomfortable?No heartache?She would not work?Not tired?How can you bear?How to open that go far away footsteps?If life is subtraction, that memory is an addition, you have the good of those who love, you do forget it?How you can live twenty years, two and a half times the end?You are too cruel!    ”Ask the world what love is, Zhi Jiaoren Shengsixiangxu”!This earth there is truth in it?My inquiry heaven, have it?    ”Since ancient times, sentimental farewell injury, more nakan, cold clear autumn festival!”Spring Festival is coming up, her hope ah hope, ah, like the reunion is not a farewell, you asked how could she not despair?    Harder and harder snow outside the window, the wind is also growing.Snow wanton dance in the wind, like a dirty swept all put on earth, buried!    Red, my dear friend, for so many years, your house in order, for him, tired of the straight, hard working.But you know?Butterfly fly, but the sea of people, not sea the other end did not wait, but butterfly wings did not carry the weight of the weight.In your world, you lose yourself, lose yourself, you know?    Red, my dear friend, I hope you saw the beautiful back Sanmao packed up walking in the Sahara desert, can hear Socrates stood in the temple of Apollo, said to you: “know thyself.”!Then straighten your chest, taking your feet flying in the wind!