May the rain spilling down from the sky, like the mourning for the unfortunate people in the earthquake.Rain, wet roads, wet mountains, there are drenched everyone’s heart.Men and women, old and young in the eyes of rain, rain in front of the TV, the computer screen is also rain..Ear is the rain, all the space was full of rushing rain.Rain, down on this piece of land can sense every corner; tears flow in the face of every caring person on this land.Rain, splashing hurt the mother’s heart, mud and tears, his hands pulling the rubble, calling intertwined with dedication, even a line to be born, the mother will not give up calling, voice calling through the rain curtain, penetrating cold cement slate, jump across the broken bridge, across the mountain collapse..Mother’s voice sound is power, is light in the darkness, a ray of sunshine under the rubble, make a life and a weak ignite hope and raise confidence, courage.Cypriot mother ran in the rain and time, mothers have had in the rain, mother’s fingers bleeding.Dear Baby, you can be sure to hold on to the mother, you must have heard his mother’s voice calling.Relatives and friends calling, sleepless nights, such as injection of rain, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, the same care delivery in the rain.Save yourself, save their loved ones, tile Shuo have our friends and friends, wiped away tears, moving his hands together, her dear people, comforting the suffering of the heart, take care of injured children and the elderly.Looking for their loved ones more than the voice, it is not a dream reunion.People across the country are calling: a difficult one, P Plus support.Let us extend a helping hand: a dollar, a quilt, a tent., Bring warmth to the people of the affected areas; a bottle of water, a loaf of bread, a bag of rice.So that people in disaster areas of renewable power; a pill, a bag of plasma, a doctor.So rapid wound scarring.Let us call together, let the sound of love spread abroad, so that aid supplies merged into river.CPC Central Committee calling: as people lost their lives in mourning, the party and the country will spare no effort to treat the.State leaders and the majority of armed police officers and soldiers calling: natural disasters are common to people across the country a disaster, do not be afraid, do not be sad, there are people throughout the country, there are billions of hearts jump together with you, the same fate.We will be the greatest rescue effort, with the fastest speed to restore production and life of people in disaster areas.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) want to call, we are also looking forward to calling: call for science and technology, calling people, calling for a high degree of social responsibility; let disaster predictability close to accurate, so that the tragedy of history not repeat itself; let life complete, so that love does not regret leaving.