Came only like cattle farm

Only like cattle farm was born in the twelve zodiac, in addition to long for people to imaginary animals, cattle heads the largest, but also very beautiful body.As early as that time had become the subject of Dan Cherish painting in the Song Dynasty.As Han Huang’s “Penta-Bull map” is an example.As ancient and modern poetry to singing the cattle are too numerous to mention more.Mr. Lu Xun’s most famous poem: “thousand pointing fingers, head bowed as a willing ox.”Mr. Lu Xun evaluation of cattle is:” eat grass, spit milk, blood.”Poet Zang again be singing cow Lu Xun:” Some people, riding on the heads of the people, ah, our country great!Some people leaned over to the people as beasts of burden!”People do medium and large cattle, is the spirit of Lu Xun’s wish, but also fulfilled his promise.I respect people like Lu Xun a class.So, I love the cattle from the heart.Newton admired character tenacity children, cattle.    Today, and some people love of cattle with Canada, farmer and cattle as partners, natural hundredfold care of their own cattle; buy a stock bull market is also looking forward to the day date.On the cow is happy to talk about the mere mention of bears; cattle raiser love cows, with good grass and good ingredients fed forward, looking forward to fatten cattle grow faster, better price, like cattle as well as selling beef traders, like roast beef eaters, there is cowboy riding in the back of the bull, cow theme with some of the writers, sculptors, painters, among these groups love cattle, there is a me, because I came from the farm.    I worked in his hometown in the countryside, when two years of people’s commune members.That is the time of “Sunflower”.Participated in the production team of people working.To be able to toil tenacity children saw cattle, cattle, cattle are different from horses, mules, donkeys and other livestock place.Nongyan said: “Spring hit sixty-nine, everywhere there are the cows go.”Every spring when the transplanting rice seedlings in paddy pond ,, must first turn on the water, the soil soak into the rice pond mud, and then Chao sub-flat rice pool, pond rice, rugged, muddy, go one step further They are difficult.Chao that child, under a 50 cm long, 30 cm high wooden.A top handrail.Chao, the Chao is to use this child, overstating out of the trowel to the lower.Pull Chao son, tired of this dirty farming, cattle are the only “main force” horses and donkeys can not get the whole array, because the hoof will not pull the legs stuck in the mud, the only with cloven hooves of the cow took Chao child to walk back and forth in the mud.That hoof son sometimes stuck in the mud, it’s hard to pull out, struggling to move forward, set the neck of cattle cattle martingale, rope cattle martingale pulling heavy Chao son, so the one rice Chao tied the plot.That time is really struggling cattle.Sometimes puffing coarse, Spit hung on the nose.Dry from morning until noon, in order to lay to rest the ridge or roadside.It is the more Leiya.Donkey roll love, you love Sahuan, only cattle, the day, only occasionally called once or twice a day labor always obscure and hard work, but never no complaints.From the extraordinary expressive cattle, so I gain a deeper understanding of what is hardworking spirit of the old cattle.    In the livestock farm, the cattle greatest strength, but also contribute to maximum, minimum demand is the largest contribution yet.Ma will only pull a cart, it simply does not work at the paddy field, cattle farming is not only the players, the same can pull a cart competent.Oxcart is slow, but lasting, and very safe.Some people say: “cow walk eighty not from lack of fight.”I mean bovine job not to pull.February 1958, I sat bullock cart to repair Xu Xin Zhuang reservoirs, half from the river to the North Temple Village, because they do not know the way around a few detours, probably more than a hundred miles, this car ox cart, security arrives to dark.Visible trekking day to go seven or eight miles, is not a problem, as “Zi” said: “nag 10 drive, power in dismay,” it!The most valuable is a ruminant cattle because cattle no upper teeth, can not chew, grazing, only gargling stomach, grinding slowly from the stomach.So cattle lying on the ground, the mouth is always moving, as if to eat, in fact, ruminant.Only a daily consumption of grass or hay hold, will be able to accumulate so much effort, simply incredible.As for the cow can be squeezed so much Yuye nectar like milk every day, even more amazing.    Not only cattle farming, pulling carts, not only to provide people with nutritious milk, its flesh, its skin, its internal organs, can be used by the people.Chuang Tzu has a “Paodingjieniu” fable essay, written by slaughtering techniques, talking about the work to comply with the law, in fact, when cattle slaughtered just to cry but never call out, seems to be willing to sacrifice.This is how people are touched by the spirit, this is the absolute dedication spirit.    Because of the strong body of cattle big, big eyes, in people’s minds, there will be a lavish, air, heroic colors, meaning there is somewhat proud.Someone or promotion, or fortune, money, wearing a stylish, generous, called, saying: “Cattle!”Someone living on the Chinese housing estates or villas, drove more than a million dollars on the streets of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Racing and over, people on the street will be thumbs up, shouting out:” real cow!”There are a lot of people particularly pleased, especially faceless people and things, most of them can use a ‘cow’ word a word.The rapid surge in the stock point become bull; football action or elegant chic exquisite goal is also known as the “cow”!Professor of the biggest names in pop star, wealthy boss, generous politician, quips love to express their heartfelt praise and admiration with a “cow”!A “cow” clearly seen in people’s minds cattle extraordinary position!    Can only blame God opening the eyes, did not give it the teeth, it will lose the delicious food fast.They met on the red rage, it will become a victim of the bullring, and became a martyr to the people for pleasure.God gave it tough skin thick hair, skin before it makes it to do drum skin, do leather.Its head with almost no horns, people ingenuity to do with it signal on the battlefield, does the table drinking utensils What is more, in recent years he has had mental disorder fans brain disease, I heard that people eat this meat will get sick cow, called “mad cow disease”, even though this rare case, but there will always point to the reputation of cattle on a little stain.    God is not only unfair, it is also in the idioms or slang in the show is not respectful of cattle.For example, with “monsters” refers to all the demons.For example, with “Ma Tau face” depicts the image of man ugly; such as using “post rather be a chicken mouth, no cattle” to illustrate the low status of the cow; another example with “bull neck,” “obstinacy” to describe some of the temper stubborn with “hype” to satirize the ridiculous boast.With “strong according to head of cattle do not drink,” some people do not criticize according to the laws; with “a flower inserted in cow dung,” Joking newly married woman is a pretty sister, but married to an ugly conclusion ? to constitute the idiom cattle, saying, rarely sing praise, but mostly sarcasm or irony.Gur child so lovely hard-working, but it ended up so low rating, really, “it may be strange tonight!”In fact, the above idioms, proverbs, and had nothing to do with cattle, it can be said to be ‘irrelevant’.Niu said surface, in fact, say that social phenomenon, is derogatory to human or bovine some embarrassing behavior.Only “bragging” as an example of it, today’s phenomenon of many examples bragging.Blow on business cards, banners blow on, blowing speak, when it is blowing all the way to year-end summary.Anyway, do not pay taxes bragging, ostentatious display of civilians can boast identity; an officer of play on the results, you can reuse may be promoted.The so-called “official out of numbers, numbers that officials” are also.Think about mid-1958’s “Great Leap Forward”, while blowing ten kg per mu, no superiors who feel ridiculous, because boasting thousands of people starved to death, and no one to take responsibility.This absurd to brag, “ten years of chaos ‘when a higher level, even say’ a top ten thousand” mixed words!Is this the right over cattle?I said: simple hard-working cattle active, and those dishonest people have been bragging.People can be said to boast an evil German Inferiority.It is ruined and cattle blasphemy.    Cattle Tongshen is a treasure, cattle farmers are faithful friend.The establishment of people’s communes did when someone add a little calf, no matter how strapped life, but also fried dishes to celebrate something, if someone lost a cow, they seem to have lost their lives as a grief!Prior to the establishment of the people’s commune senior club stage, the villagers of various cattle, they are concentrated to the production team reared.Since then, the cow began to suffer.In the production team, which has a really well-breeder cattle take care of it?Plus, food shortages and less rice sixties of the last century, especially in the winter of those cattle, in addition to eat hay, but also what good ingredients and give him nutritional supplements it?Today, rural mechanized arable land is no longer cattle, and cattle easily, and also use less.Now cattle countryside are reflected in its day less in the future become a protected species, it is also unknown.    I was born farmer, I love cows, cow I particularly praise the spirit.If people are like cattle to the hard-working part, work hard, people look forward to a long and prosperous and harmonious well-off society, it will come early.