Camellia cool

Outside the library, several strains of camellias in full bloom uphold the ground bright red petals scattered over the floor, or recklessly branches in full bloom.Ilex branches studded with blossoming red flower, a layer, a curly, warmly burning.She is not really low-key, a bright red tree seems to tell everyone she was the most beautiful moment in life.She opened and thank, thank you again opened fire life like no end.Pool peach pink bud just a few hairpin, Shining, camellias is the opening of a half thanks half, when the faded peach powder, with a light green yarn thin skirt suit, she was still dressed in red clothing, among green leaves more grace. Shake off the grass red petals, mostly whole flower falling to, if not acclimatized, then what would be the reason?Her Fading is ringing, I was dying for her bloom and have a hint of shock, and later heard camellia known as “Sleepy Flower”, a record of a heroic story of blood-red petals on the floor, but I I did not like it inauspicious name.In camellias, I do not have too much emotion, just by chance the way her side and enchanting stay in the shadows in my eye.I am even more proud prefer clean lotus and plum.In fact, natural scenery, just look pleasing feel good, not too many emotions, and perhaps do not see too many brilliant views in this lonely place, so sometimes it was particularly yearn.