Camellia Forest dream home

While I was sleeping, Suddenly “noisy” of a sound, woke me from a very warm moist heat is, the grandmother opened the curtain, very fresh burst of flavor straight nostrils, I saw the outside white one, that was my first time ever know the snow, I look to come out from the quilt, grandma has helped me put on his coat.It floated the Camellia Forest It is an incredibly joyful sound, is the soul of the most extremely deep, quietest, most far-reaching extremely, most white, this once a lifetime, a joy no second back.I just stared at.Do not step away.There was another scent, it is the unique fragrance of tea oil fried vegetables, tea oil can only home fragrance Stir this dish, it is a special and has its own blood and heart have affinity fragrance.    By noon, my mother has pulled back a lot of oil tea tree snags, sticking above the snow, at night, into a burning furnace of fire, pair of da, da pair of ring.Flames that warm the body about the child.The cold outside is no longer around, but also to stay in the warm heart.Kind of tree branches burning out the smoke, that, fascinated, incense, that, enchanted.Roasted for a long time, and this scent will stick in the face of their own, he has been brought to the yard, and myself to sleep together.    Camellia Forest ah, quickly entered the joy of spring, I and small partners happily hide and seek on the inside, there is a lot of time Reaver is our playmates, its buzzing sound has been carrying our dreams.The most interesting is the mantis, sometimes catch a point on Yi Zhixiang, it will quickly climb, with the front legs plucking incense, put his front legs baked.    During the summer, then heat is not hot to go, plenty of tea cool forests, and that Wong gush of cool, sweet spring water.Tired of playing in the woods, a drink, as people do not know how comfortable.It is nourishing our hearts, tea tree oil is also nourishing the roots of the kiss of water.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) to fall close to the tea sub-season, Camellia Forest in laughter.Camellia child purple ball children, there are some naughty children will be used to play war.Others are stripping the play, which is a mature, hard shiny black child children, a broken foot, yellow oil essence it appeared, suddenly a fragrance nostrils.Play more, and adults could not help but want to call on a few.Not so much spare time can also pipe.    Camellia Forest where there will be a lot of time jackal appeared, this time, the big people will be fine with something to catch up for a while.The dogs ran Huan.More children are kept screaming.    Camellia son and a complete collection, will soon be in full bloom camellia oil, that yellow flower attracted flocks of bees and butterflies.That refreshing fragrance Sweetie straight.Got a few grass hollow pole, put a flower in the smoke, there will be a son of a fragrance, not winning honey is honey sweet sugar, into the mouth.He kept withdrawing, called children, great friends United States is dead.    However, did not last long, I do not know who is out of his mind, a large Camellia Forest after some strangling, became a Qiuqiu farmland in a year’s time in.Happy hundred acres of gardens, became farmland suffered Heyetang water, Heyetang it is my hometown Datang watering a field of progenitor Bay.Called big people heartache died quickly from the field to move into the mountain, up the farm.    The fragrance of tea did not eat the food, gold bugs fly away, the snow was gone firewood, wild dogs are gone.Piece Camellia Forest will always remain in my childhood dream.    Camellia Forest Yeah, happy Camellia Forest, so I constantly recall the Camellia Forest, when you make me relive it is a dream, I thought: only to be reincarnated.