Camellia rain red stage

Taiwan here is my home balcony; flowers here, refers to the camellia.  Camellias, and my fate is not shallow.Life, the components of camellias, should not light.  From Notepad, camellias, it was often full of red eyes.  Usually in the winter season, usually disappeared when the million flowers, camellias, is pleased to bloom.My childhood, when walking through the mountains, often see red camellias, will be beaming, stop watch, and the removal of a few flowers, playing endless.  Camellia camellia trees grow on.Camellia is a very personal tree.It does not pine, cedar tall and straight, but they have in common, that is, the four seasons are green.It is though not very outstanding, but its flowers, but it can “grow conifers were fighting the cold of winter,” “Winter is not Xueshuang invasion” Lingshuang Aoxue, blossoming.I guess, a little camellias, conifers it is, also had a new light.  Camellia, camellias, for my childhood, writing a lot of exciting content.  It is said that the fruit is Camellia oil extraction.At that time, the teacher called on students to pay obligations picking fruit tea.This home in the depths of the forest I absolutely dominate.After returning home, take the lift sling bamboo, out of the house, got into the woods, or how much time, time out, is full of fruit mention sling.At that time, it is listen to the teacher.Teacher explain something, we will definitely do our utmost to do.As we take delivery of fruit tea showed who is going to extract oil, do not care.It will not be too large tube, as long as you do not delay assigned to you live, as long as the school teacher told things, often very supportive.In this way, every time I post fruit tea, will be the largest class, get the teacher’s praise, but also the most.At that time, I liked camellias, camellia blossom like, as long as it blooms, it will result.As long as the results, I would have taken a lot to pay, you’ll get the teacher’s praise, and even get red “advanced” certificate issued by the school, was pleased to take it home and put on my old walls, to the poor house band be lighted up a bit.Adult’s face, there will be glory.Sometimes, I would even want camellia seasons are open, so gay, four seasons.But that is impossible.Only in the appropriate season, we will have such a good thing.  Camellias, other than the tree, as if to some hard.Farm, it tends to put its branches cut some tools to do.Memory, my ax handle, with a camellia tree trunks are made of durable, unlike other wooden handle, and break easily broken, will affect the work; hoe, often made of this wood, feel, endurance are good.When adults lift Bang Bang, also tend to cut the root camellia stick when “stability child”, when tired or when out of balance, use it to support large stick or body, short break to recuperate or balance.  And my closest, with camellias do “Yanmar”.At that time, my main way out is to cut firewood.Firewood, required “Yanmar” shipped home.Found two bifurcation tree type camellia, to cut, clean, tick, generally long, pitchfork prongs sharp tip and opposed, interlaced, firmly tied with wire or rattan or bamboo strips, two dry expand, as feet, slightly wider shoulder, in even a flat bottom between the branches of a tree wood, also securing.In this way, “Yanmar” Serve.After a good cut firewood, packed in between the branches of a tree, help steady, slightly stooped, with a shoulder top, before and after each hand holding a “true features” quick footed.At that time, among peers, my strength seemed to be bigger, but also more diligent.The village people met, often have to praise a few words, then I have to educate their own children learn.My heart naturally very happy.Have this effect, mostly thanks to their use camellias do “Yanmar” such “Yanmar” to do other than wood to be labor-saving, safe, durable, too comfortable.  Camellia, in material comforts lackluster years, she gave me a lot of spiritual satisfaction of family poverty.This meet, influenced my life.When the material is rich, the spirit is more important.Sometimes, the spirit seems to eat.  See camellias, camellia see, think of me as a camellia, camellia-like childhood.  Camellia is a beautiful gray dotted my childhood gave me an inexhaustible motive force to make progress.  Camellias, simple, evergreen, not very outstanding, but self-sufficiency, self-reliance in Wan trees, no self-pity, groveling, some self-respect, self-improvement firm; camellias, bright red, open in the winter season, not by appealing aroma nor by the introduction of the first Nongzi scratch the eyes, relying on strength alone brilliant, and Zheng-Hui day.In its drive, other flowers before bloom.After the flowers are open, it will quietly retreat, no sigh.Everything is so natural.  The roof of my office, there are several strains of camellias.This season, was very happy.In the clearance office, I boarded the top floor, ornamental camellias, lookout sky, especially in the direction of home, not a good feeling in their hearts.  Hastily decades, unknowingly, also as camellias, fighting cold, strong, not outstanding, but its own unique landscape and unique temperament, live strong, extraordinary, full, self.  At the foot of the building, I had another 16 years.Since my unit is a technology-intensive units, in such a unit, for me that people who learn the text, not the mainstream, to very outstanding, is almost impossible.But all along, regardless of the outside world how wonderful, I can not be budged.I order my usual pragmatic, serious professionalism in their posts, dedicated, hard working, my job, year after year affirmed the workers and organizations, drawer certificate, it is full of saffron.I do not outstanding, but I’m full, satisfied, they are not complicit, as if in front of camellia, camellia.  Then I discovered that red camellias, and when I wear saffron recognition by, how similar is.They are red.Red, festive colors.Safflower, often explicit positive energy.But, camellia petals, than do the artificial flowers, much more, smaller, exude the breath of life, but also your fingertips.For its growth of tea, no tea tall home.Here’s tea, fruit tea, not removable, as a landscape tree, but also can not just cut down.  Sun in the sky, but also the red.Safflower, red sun, camellias, color is red.Red and size, as long as the red, I like it, especially red camellia.Although now some people do not like the red, not the pursuit of this red, like the pursuit of the limelight, but it did not affect me.  ”East Park March rain and wind, peaches and plums wandering sweeping air.Only partial camellia durable, green clump and put a few sticks of red.”Yesterday was the Ching Ming Festival, the rain did not forget ‘on duty’, down for a long time.  Came to the balcony, the whole is growing on Camellia Competing with heavy rain, confident; camellia garden trees, there are probably dozens of flower it, there are budding, bath rain are more brilliant, spirits.  My heart can resist.I could not help but hand out security windows, touch the tree, the hard; touch it leaves, but also the hard; ask that flower, wet and warm, soft and unyielding.Rainwater from the fingertips oozing, dripping on the window.My face, red.  Peach tree, Fallen flowers Montreal.  But rain red camellia garden trees.  This camellia, flowering seems to be longer, stronger vitality seems some.After frost, after a cold spell, it seemed for some time, still does not wither.Now, still standing proudly blossoming branches, standing proudly in the wind and rain, meet baptism.  I withdrew his hand, two hands on the window, the body leaning forward as far as possible, with trees, flowers sea, sometimes as a tree, sometimes flowery.