65 years of soul salvation

65 years after the outbreak of World War II soul salvation, Nazi Germany’s iron heel of foot on land in the Netherlands, is attending the University of Leiden girl Artie Reed Feise join the army, duty-bound to participate in the local resistance groups.As the brave soldier, she was hailed as comrades beautiful tulips (the national flower of the Netherlands).1943 mid-April day, Artie was ordered execution of a German barracks monitoring mission.When the ambush at a predetermined location, an unexpected situation made her dumbfounded: Felix Gu Erjie members of resistance groups, arms around positive and two German soldiers, drunk came up to the barracks.She could not help angry, gun will shoot Gu Erjie.Suddenly a thought flashed in my mind: If the organization sent Gu Erjie perform special tasks, if victimizes the people, the consequences could be disastrous.She decided to wait and see.Until Gu Erjie and two German soldiers entered the camp, inquiries by telling her she was evacuated.This thing Artie heart, she asked several times to organize Gu Erjie day exactly what tasks to perform, then her tongue back.And Gu Erjie as if nothing had happened, and she was still as greeting.Meanwhile, Artie heard Guer Jie-run construction companies to do business with the Germans, employees are Nazis.Artie did not start to believe that she knows, Gu Erjie construction companies through the organization permit, one for organizational activities as a cover; II provides funding for the organization of activities.But what happened that day, always linger in the mind as lingering Artie, gradually, her sense of Gu Erjie initiation of hatred.Artie began tracking Guer Jie, the longer the track, the more sense the other major suspects, she decided: to find time to get rid of the Nazis dog!Although World War II was over, but Artie’s determination to get rid of Gu Erjie have not changed.March 1, 1946, Artie reminisced with old comrades and the grounds, went to the home of Gu Erjie.When that moment the door opened, Artie quickly pulled the trigger, severely scolded: you this German dog.Gu Erjie crashed down at the moment, sobbed: I am not a traitor!Gu Erjie death, by the parties concerned to verify the Netherlands, he was during the Nazi German occupation, the use of public identity of its builders, not only for the resistance groups raise a lot of activity funds, and often paralyze the enemy German soldiers drinking in their own shelter 15 while the Jews, but also to spend money to help other families hosting 23 Jews.All this shows, Gu Erjie not a traitor, but a national hero.Artie is remorse for his reckless, but no courage to stand up and take responsibility.With increasing age, more and more intense sense of remorse, Gu Erjie shadow always shaking in front of Artie, ever tortured soul, she even thought of committing suicide to atone.After 65 years of suffering, January 1, 2011, 96-year-old Artie finally summon the courage to Leiden Mayor Henri Lunfu Link wrote a letter, described the slain 65 years ago Gu Erjie the truth, as he hopes to twilight of atonement.Lun Fulin mayor after receiving the letter, the two went to Artie be confirmed.When you see has lost the ability to act independently of Artie, the mayor hoped she was joking.Artie’s attitude has no doubt: indeed I did, 65 years long enough, I can not continue to let the truth be buried.I know I committed a crime, in order to allow Gu Erjie be able to rest in peace, and to make their own peace of conscience, I would die of old age in prison.Artie error correction courage, let the mayor was moved.Although the Netherlands was canceled in mid-2006 the 18-year limit on the validity of the proceedings felony cases, Lun Fulin still tried to persuade prosecutors, eventually making it to abandon the prosecution of Artie’s.Artie also on May 28, 2011 to find two grandchildren Gu Erjie face to face confession, get their understanding.Artie is not happy: Although the law spared me, but I will not forgive myself, I want time to repent, but also let everyone know, once committed a crime, we must use life to redemption, the process is very painful, but we must face.