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Nursing scalp spa to enjoy your body and mind

Step 1 except that belly of the thumb with the four fingers gently press the center line bisecting the printed hair, a little bit to the right and left pressing, do 2-3。 Step 2 with a finger belly gently press the entire scalp。 Start hairline and slowly to the head and back of the head。 Repeat 6 times。
Step 3 do comb with fingers through hair, about 10 times, the paste evenly onto the scalp and hair。
Step 4 belly two thumb pressing on both sides of the temple, along the hairline, pressed against the head, each move about 2 cm。 Step 5 finger tapping the entire head, scalp relax。
Step 6 Scalp Spa nursing palm close to the top of the ear position against the temple, grip the head, pulling the scalp gently knead a circular motion, do 3-4 times。 The heel of the palm part point force, to hang up his eyes, doing so also helps enhance facial contours。 Step 7 with the palm of the rear head portion and the head front stroke, is placed on the front of fortune, followed by the lower half on the back of the head of the palm recess。 Like hands grip the head, squeeze 3-4 this。
Finally, if the back of the hand and then draw a circle by Tuirou on the neck, the effect will be even better。
Step eight hair grasping a bundle pulling up, down slowly, gently scalp restore natural state。
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