”Do not worry, maybe she’s just look at Qinhuai An.”Qin Bo consolation to say this, I knew I might as well not say.
  Yan Sulin though this ruthless Qin Bo, but all the moves from her point of view, she is extremely concerned about the Qinhuai An.
  If she saw Qin Huaian, know the specific circumstances, God knows anything about the situation she was in the end able to.
  ”.We benefit of the doubt, then that person may be able to ferret out and her collusion?”Finally, Qin Bo can only think of such a benefit to comfort the case of Yu Zhou.
  The latter sighed, worried look on his face, could not help but hold people buried his face in his arms.
  He is also worried about how this time the mood is good, he is not stupid foolish.

  ☆, humanity

  Because sudden accident, Qin Bo’s frankly have not had time to say was interrupted.
  Etc. In case of Yu Zhou finally remembered to ask him what to say when Qin Bo shook his head, but said nothing.
  ”Abo, what are you thinking?”After things being processed, Bo Qin Hui Letang home altogether.
  So the next morning, Yan Suxin just go downstairs to see daze Qin Bo, I could not help but stepped forward and asked with concern.
  ”No.”Qin Bo subconsciously shook his head, but soon think of who is in and