Yang suicide.

  New this summer is decadent man’s temperament shocked, wants to record his life, in order to graduate as their design, when he asked from the school holidays is 100 days long, and requested help yourself shooting Qu Yang.
  Qu Yang had to decide to leave the world a desperate last good deed for the world, agreed, not knowing that the boy moved into his home in this 100 days, little point and hope the sun moved back to his life.Two fell in love in love, affection is strong when the new summer Qu Yang found that when the sister drowning “ruthless bystander”
  Forest Health is originally auditioned for the role of Azan, and now the summer when he got a new script, and that his soul Affinities feeling wells.
  Lin-sheng personally to the crew door meeting, Ann Qian did not go in, slightly bowed and left the.
  Creative appearances, and is among the crew there are several roles familiar with each other, not many people, students go in the forest found playing phone Mounin.
  The latter also saw him, got up and beckoned.
  Forest Health staff smiled and shook hands, gradually closer to the direction of Mounin, just ready to greet him, but found Mounin sitting around a mature man, abruptly Zhengzhu.
  A leather man