Do not let go.

  And so finally ran up the top at that piece of high ground, looking behind at Mid surging waves as turning Yang dust died down, Ding Jiu Jiu legs and soft, they sit on the floor.
  Throat full of rust smell of blood, breathing is like pulling the old style drum.
  Limbs and every muscle in protest with sour pain, Ding Jiu Jiu almost want regardless of the image to put themselves on the ground “big” font smoothing.
  The hardness tried Tuntui, Ding Jiu Jiu gave up the idea –
  It is fast enough Ge.
  She Shu long way out of breath, arm stays behind the rock face, upturned feel the sun shrouded body temperature down – surviving finally feeling at this moment implemented.
  ”.Survived ah.”
  Girl’s voice called back to the other two human consciousness.
  Bodyguard scared glance which of the three high ground, has been flooded road debris residual tree.
  Parking late step down, three of them may have to Shiguwucun.
  ”.This thing thanks to the Miss Ding.”
  Su directed at soil preparation bodyguard look slightly bent Jiu Jiu Ding pants.
  Ding Jiu Jiu down gently by gradually breathing space, busy waved, “You are too kind.”
  Bodyguard insisted Ju finished this