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  • Kobe Bryant 30 points to take the opener giant lake Human sluggish Celtics 0-1

Kobe Bryant 30 points to take the opener giant lake Human sluggish Celtics 0-1

  Ticker on June 4, NBA2010年总决赛开打, the Lakers beat the Celtics 102-89 at home to to 1-0。
  The Lakers begin a journey of revenge。
– Kobe Bryant scored 30 points, seven rebounds and six assists。
Paul – Gasol 23 points and 14 rebounds, including eight offensive rebounds, Ron – Ron Artest hit three-pointers, had 15 points, Andrew – Andrew Bynum 10 points and six rebounds。
  Celtics over 2008 old and a two year old。 – Paul Pierce had 24 points and nine rebounds, Kevin – Kevin Garnett 16 points, Rajon – Rondo 13 points and eight assists and six rebounds – Ray Allen 12 points。 Celtics 10 three-pointers the audience vote in only 1。   Two teams in NBA history prestigious finals as routine, their championship trophy and reach half of the total number of NBA。 Historically, when the two teams meet the finals, the Celtics prevail, which is 12 times the two teams first met in the finals。
Is the second time in three years met, in 2008, the Lakers lost to the Celtics。
  Lakers revenge fight with determination。 Scene hair?Shirt is illustrative: Celtics starting five players' names have been hit cross, and the bottom is "revenge" word。
  The game only played 27 seconds, Pierce and Artest twisted into a ball in the basket, after almost two hands together, drink referee was open, each eat a technical foul in mind。 This set the tone of the whole match。
After the first section of Rush, the referee blew total of 18 fouls, the two sides free throws 20 times, including 12 times the Celtics。   Bryant shortly after the opening eat two fouls, but the first section still had 8 points。
Lakers quickly gain an advantage, but after nearly five minutes, not shooting, until the end of this section Farmar and Brown each hit a ball, the Lakers leading 26-21。 Bynum and Pau Gasol continues to basket succeeded, the Lakers inside edge filling。
  Fisher also the first section to eat two fouls, the Lakers sent a second four off the bench at the start。 Celtics once the gap to 1 point, but Pierce missed a ball, missed the chance to equalize。
Garnett mediocre, playing in the second half after the first shooting。
Artest scored five points immediately after his two-thirds vote, Fisher steals succeeded, Artest fast-break layup, leading the Lakers to 44-35。 Rondo hit a record buzzer great difficulty, but the Celtics still the first half to 41-50 behind。   The scene is very hot, in the first half the referee sent a total of 28 fouls, the two sides a total of 27 free throws。 The Lakers have four people in the first half scored 7 points or more, while the highest 10 points Londo Celtics, Kevin Garnett and Ray – Allen both the first two of 14 shots in only 5。
  A third 3 minutes 19 seconds. – Ray Allen dunk, Boston will lead into 62-71。 Since then however, the Celtics suddenly misfiring, this section could not shooting。
The Lakers took the opportunity to massive attack, after Artest thirds vote, they play 13-2, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 84-64。
First three quarters, the Lakers hit rate%。
  Celtic wave 10-1 to start the fourth quarter, still in the game 8 minutes and 40 seconds to recover as the score 74-85。 Even calm Phil Jackson – sit still, and called timeout。
After the pause, Farmar sudden strong layup, then Garnett shot, Gasol turned hook score, the Lakers once again achieved 15-point advantage。   Celtics offensive problems again, in 3 minutes and 50 seconds not shooting, free throws alone to contend with the Lakers。
Competition also 5 minutes 07 seconds, Pierce was shot again, the Celtics still 80-93 behind。
  Although the Celtics fought back, but failed to narrow the gap to single digits。 Pointer with 1 minute 47 seconds, Artest hit third, the Lakers lead to 99-84, Boston opener doomed。
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