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What to eat detoxification organs so eat up all clear toxins

What to eat detoxification organs human organs is a very important detoxification organ。
So, detoxification organs what to eat, what to eat can help detoxify the body together and look at the 6681 Xiaobian to introduce internal organs of detoxification eat it!What to eat the internal organs of detoxification 1.Intestinal detoxification ate shares stomach indigestion, it would cause a lot of accumulation of toxins in the intestine, absorbed by the body, causing secondary damage to health, intestinal detoxification can eat konjac, black fungus, blood, kelp, etc. food。
2.Lung detoxification ate lung is most likely to accumulate toxins site, when people breathe, floating in the air of bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful substances into the lungs followed, not only will hurt the lungs, but also toxic substances It will sneak into the systemic blood circulation threatening; in addition, in vivo long-term smoking people will hoard a lot of toxins。 Lung detoxification can be more than grapes, apples, pears and other food。 3.Heart detoxification ate Chinese medicine believes that the human tongue and heart is most closely related, when long ulcer on the tongue, when there is more than that of the heart or the burning in the fire, be careful when burning fire become strong, but also lead to long forehead pox, insomnia, palpitations and other issues。 This population in their daily diet should eat "bitter"。 4.Ate spleen spleen detoxification of toxins out of the body can not be timely, it will generate a lot of harm to the body, obvious manifestation is the nail surface with a raised ridge, down or depressed; women have symptoms of breast hyperplasia, premenstrual breast pain increased significantly, and even dysmenorrhea, both sides face Zhangdou, depression, etc.。
Such people can eat acidic foods to detox。
What to eat the internal organs detoxification 5.What is the best to eat the liver to detoxify the liver is the body's important detoxification organ, the accumulation of toxins through the liver after a series of chemical reactions will become non-toxic or low toxic substances to help detoxify the liver, the diet can eat carrots, garlic , figs and other foods。
6.Renal blood detoxification Chishimehao kidney capable of proteolytic toxins and waste produced and excreted in the urine, kidney detoxification can eat help of cucumber, cherries and other fruits and vegetables。