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Summer for 6 cases do not take a bath, very dangerous!

  Summer bath is a very common thing, mainly to wash off the dirt, then take a bath also need to pay attention to what you?A lot of people would think and often make these mistakes bathe, look at how experts say。   When sweaty summer, a lot of people like to use cold baths。
Indeed, the cold bath improves blood circulation to the skin, blood vessels and other benefits。
But if sweaty also bath with cold water, which is detrimental to the health of the。
Because people in sweat, skin blood vessels to dilate, enlarged pores, blood circulation, if then suddenly bath with cold water, the skin blood vessels to contract immediately, closes the sweat pores, sweat glands also secrete immediately stopped, the body cooling channels will be blocked died。 Once the body heat can not continue to distribute, people will feel the heat the skin, susceptible to colds or other diseases。
  Alcohol inhibits the functional activity of the liver when drinking, hindering the release of glycogen。
While taking a bath, the body's glucose consumption will increase。 Drinking and bathing, lack of timely replenishment of blood glucose, prone to dizziness, blurred vision, general weakness, serious cases may hypoglycemia coma。   After a hearty meal after a bath, body skin surface blood vessels are stimulated expansion of hot water, more blood flow to the surface, the relative reduction of abdominal blood supply, will affect the digestion and absorption, causing low blood sugar, or even collapse, fainting。   After work, whether physical or mental, should be a short break and then take a bath, or likely to cause heart, brain ischemia, and even syncope。
  When a person's body temperature rises to 38 ℃ fever, body heat consumption can increase by 20%, the body is relatively weak, this time taking a bath accident-prone。   Low blood sugar because of the higher water temperature bath, make people's blood vessels to dilate, blood pressure of people prone to cerebral insufficiency, the occurrence of collapse。