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How often ill massage Click here to good health

How often ill massage I believe we all know that massage is a method very good health, many people are aware of some simple massage techniques, massage also has a lot of diseases effectiveness of health care。
Xiao Bian below to tell us something about how often sick, then massage, body here often Ay!How often ill massage for office workers, daily sedentary, more or less symptoms of low back pain, there are people always will feel particularly tired, a lot of people think that this is because they do not exercise, coupled with the age growth has led, in fact, this is an internal body came warning that tells you the internal organs was too weak。
So what about aftercare internal organs, acupuncture is critical, it is a panacea for our body, the various parts of our body has a human health point of focus, then, if you massage these places, it will enhance the characteristics, immunity and you can make your body more healthy, oh!About acupuncture point massage, many people may find the exact point, then, today, this article will introduce important health points on our body, so you can prepare to find, and often massage health care, to ensure good health, longevity is not sick, following Xiaobian a look at it!Hoku Hoku also known as "tiger's mouth"。
Hundreds of acupuncture points in the body, the treatment of the most extensive range of Hoku, has a therapeutic effect in the body, described as magical wand is simply a cure-all panacea hole, a carry large medicine chest。 Hoku go through the large intestine, the main row of dross, can treat constipation。
Meanwhile, Hoku also can play a role in pain, such as toothache, stomach pain, etc., can also play the role of beauty, large intestine is very busy blood meridian, can help enhance the body yang or remove the excess anger。 Is the patron saint of the large intestine through the lung and large intestine, Hoku is the head, the main point of choice for the face of the disease, can prevent cerebral vascular disease。 Hoku simple selection method: the thumb, index finger together and acupoints or thumb muscle at the highest point, open the index finger, thumb joint stripes on the tiger's mouth the other hand, the pressure of the thumb under the acupoints。