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World Cup Outright favorite "Golden Samba 'debut

  Brazilian home jersey still use the traditional bright yellow, green collar。 On the 27th of this month in a friendly match against Germany, this body uniforms will debut track; while the visiting team jersey also uses the traditional blue, will debut in the arena 23 friendly match with the Russian team。
  The choice of clothing is home to yellow, the last 20 years the brightest yellow, was named "Golden Samba", inspired by the 20th century, mid-70s。 The home uniforms with shorts is still blue, white socks。   And there are waves Obscure, and the star of printing on the blue road uniforms。
Design idea is to commemorate the first world champions Brazil won the World Cup in Sweden in mid-1958, away jersey with white shorts and blue socks。   In addition, since the Brazilian team headed star Neymar out injured, he used to wear the number 10 shirt belonging Fred。
Augusto wear No. 8, No. 9 put Jesus, and Paulinho Kudiniao shirt number are 11 and 15。